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Mag7 Ask Game

Because it makes me kind of sad when the fandom is so quiet, so I’m trying to shake things up.

Send me questions or reblog and ask your followers to send you asks

1. Favorite song on the soundtrack.

2. Favorite character arc of the movie.

3. Favorite scene and why.

4. Favorite Sam Chisolm moment and why?

5. Favorite Joshua Faraday moment and why?

6. Favorite Jack Horne moment and why?

7. Favorite Goodnight Robicheaux moment and why?

8. Favorite Billy Rocks moment and why?

9. Favorite Red Harvest moment and why?

10. Favorite Vasquez moment and why?

11. Favorite Denali moment and why?

12. Favorite Emma Cullen moment and why?

13. Favorite Teddy moment and why?

14. Favorite Bogue moment and why?

15. Favorite deleted scene and why?

16. Favorite villain and why?

17. Most attractive character and why?

18. Favorite pairing (romantic or not) and your favorite scene of theirs.

19. A scene that made you get all choked up.  

20. A scene that made you laugh.

21. Favorite fight scene.

22. Something you wish they’d included from a previous version of The Magnificent Seven and why.

23. Most improved character.

24. MVP of the movie.

25. Favorite trope in the movie.

26. If you could rewrite the ending, how would you do it?

27. Whose costume did you like the most?

28. What was your favorite weapon used?

29. Favorite set/location?

30. Of the characters we lost, who do you miss most?

31. Favorite quote and why?

32. Best death scene and why?

33. If you could meet one of the characters from the movie, who would you meet and why?

34. Send me a F(uck)M(arry)K(ill).

35. In your opinion, who of all the characters deserves a drink the most?

I’m going to tag a few people to get this thing going:

@poemsingreenink, @fontainebleau22, @coffeeandtin, @rocanono, @cthulhuwithtea, @knivestheresnothingtoit, @fucking-dinosaurs-bro, @magnificentredharvest@themagnificenceofseven, @stargazingwatercolouredbeing, @geekyelvenchick, @zombikhaleesi, @writinredhead, and whoever else is interested :)


civil war where everything is the same except team cap/team iron man are rivaling baseball teams!!! this was so fun to make like you guys don’t even KNOW, this was shamelessly inspired by sports animes

everyone gets along except steve and tony who take their rivalry too seriously