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Wang So: I plan on staying a while longer this time. Why don’t I stay in the palace with my brothers?

Queen Yoo: That is impossible. You are a Kang of Shinju. Have you forgotten that the moment of your return would incite the longstanding grudge between the two households?

Okay but here’s how I see it- Adrian is Rosa’s Teddy and Milton is Gina’s Sophia

Let me explain:

On the surface, and even beneath the surface- Teddy and Adrian are totally different people. Complete opposites, if you will. But for Amy and Rosa? They serve the same purpose- the ones who seem Just Perfect but at the same time, not really.

Teddy’s like Amy in the way that he’s very organized and likes supposedly “nerdy” stuff such as police codes and binders. Extreme Amy, if you will. But ultimately, Teddy wasn’t the person Amy wanted, or needed. Deep down they weren’t similar in the right ways. Amy wanted to become the youngest police captain on the force, Teddy wanted to brew and bottle pilsners.

Teddy was nice but he was too boring, to quote Amy. Too tame. Yet, Jake could always be counted on to make Amy laugh, and he could challenge her and he could cater to her competitive streak because he had one of his own.

Likewise, Adrian is like that for Rosa. They both like… Nancy Myers and… knives? Honestly I don’t even know. But they share similarities, and Sketchy Adrian just seems Perfect for Rosa, doesn’t he?

Except- Rosa’s been mentioning Adrian less and less, actually not at all for most of the second half of the season, and while she’s been maintaining some semblance of her love for him this episode with her “yeah I just want him to be happy” and “good looking guy, weird energy” it’s all falling flat- especially when he starts snorting cocaine on purpose and gets all… high, to say the least.

Sorry, but that doesn’t look like someone who’s mildly amused by the love of her life.

Also the way she fiddles with that cocaine knife when he starts getting hyped up makes her seem scarily angry or at the very least annoyed??

Sure, Adrian means well and he does love Rosa a lot- but how long can Rosa tell herself that that’s enough?

Rosa is a “badass but not an anarchist”. Adrian would kill a child if said child was a “dick”. Not trying to say that makes Adrian problematic or anything, this is a comedy and he said that for comedic purposes- Jason Mantzoukas is amazing and honestly cracks me up a bunch. But fundamentally, Rosa and Adrian have different rules, and that sets them apart in ways that will ultimately make them incompatible in the long run.

She chose the Nine-Nine and left him in Argentina by himself. Even faced with the prospect of fifteen years in jail she chose her family over a fresh start in Argentina with no scorpions/too many scorpions. He wasn’t enough.

On the other hand- when Jake first met Sophia, she seemed amazing and just the right fit for him. She was fun, witty, loved Die Hard, and was all around amazing. Except… not. They came into conflict over their jobs, and ultimately saw the world in different ways. Sophia also wasn’t as committed to their relationship as Jake was.

I’m not saying that Milton is gonna walk out on Gina- far from it. Dude is a Good and Decent guy who seems to genuinely make Gina happy. He’s a BOYLE. They all say “i love you” to each other constantly. Of course he’s a great guy who wouldn’t walk out on the mother of his child, just look at him:

And I’m not going to pretend that snowboarding, melted-snow-donating Milton isn’t exactly what Gina needs right now. He’s sweet and affectionate and he spontaneously dances with Gina. Obviously they’re on the same page baby name wise (side note: THE ENIGMA/ENIGMO IS A SUPER DOPE NAME).

But… how long can Gina be content with someone who, put simply- probably wouldn’t challenge her in many ways? And possibly, maybe not even in any way. We don’t know that much about Milton yet, but from what I’ve gathered, about him and Boyles in general, he’ll likely end up always doing Gina’s bidding and going along with her every whim.

Which, again, is what Gina needs right now. She’s had a tough year, where she got hIT BY A BUS and was legally dead for two minutes- the girl could use a break!! And in Rosa’s words, “After she got hit by a bus, no one can say no to her.”

Sadly, I’m not sure a submissive Yes-man is what Gina wants or needs in the long run. Gina does best when she feels the need to prove herself, and admittedly at times she can go a little bit overboard and she needs to be reined in.

Milton’s a kind and precious dude, and of all the horrible men in this world that could possibly father Gina’s child (Gina’s pregnancy squick is another matter, but maybe you lose all fear after getting run over by a bus idk), I’m glad he’s the baby daddy. (Sorry for saying baby daddy)

But once Gina gets over how cool snow boarding, winter apparel, impromptu dinners, and having similar thoughts on baby names are- she’ll find herself yearning for more.

She’ll find herself yearning for someone who can pleasantly surprise her in ways she won’t expect, someone who brings something new to the table, someone who can easily rile her up but also be her best companion.

I’m glad Gina and Rosa are both at the very least content with their romantic partners right now- but this isn’t their endgame. Not to me, at least.

you had never known fear.

you knew only the taste of blood;
of battle, and of victory.
you knew the violence of storms,
for it was in your heart.
you knew the ferocity of earthquakes,
for it was in your fists.
you knew the rage of volcanoes,
for it was in your veins.

you did not walk the paths carved by man;
you broke the spines of mountains,
tore the tendons of oceans,
made them bow and move for you.

             (and then you met her.)

then you were the one bowing, moving;
the clouds of your heart parted, the storm calmed,
and your hands were gentle wherever they touched.
and all that you had conquered
meant nothing to you without her.

             now you know what fear is.

you had only ever gained.
you took because you could;
and all that you had,
nothing could take from you,
and nothing could be taken.
now the one thing you did not take
is the one thing you cannot bear to lose.

             (and you realized how truly terrified
             you are capable of being.)
—  some lessons come too late | m.a.w


“Minako had said he was a blessing - that his pockets were deep and Yuuri was lucky to have caught his eye. But Viktor Nikiforov was a curse, and Yuuri finds himself trapped in a world of blood and death where it takes violence to mend what is broken.”

Mania is a state of abnormally elevated (feelings of) arousal, affect and energy level, where the overall activation is heightened as well as expressions (actions) of affect that are also enhanced. Freud considered that the maniac individual must have suffered a great and traumatic loss (something that could also be linked to the Oedipus Complex phase) and the ego unable to properly deal as it was supposed to turns all of its energy at a target that will act as a substitute for the object of affection that was lost in order to fulfill that gap. Obsessive and violent behaviour might be characteristics indentified in a maniac individual, though they may vary.

Cupio dissolvi is a latin locution that means (literally) «I wish to be dissolved». This concept has played an important role in the discussion on suicide. Some other reflexions and interpretations considered something like one’s desire to leave life in order to die, so that they could join God in the afterlife and end their sufferings, being able to become once again pure in the eyes of God. Freud believed that it wasn’t only a simple matter of having a death wish, it also had something to do with the struggle one goes through in a lifetime while trying to fight against the intense impulse or desire for death (most likely linked to his concept of death drive).

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“If you ask Sloan to choose between me and her job, you wouldn’t be able to get that sentence out before she said her job.”

Sloan looking like she’s about ready to choose you over anything, Don.

very gentle reminder that if you are having a rough day , if you feel as if you have no one to talk to & you just need to get something off your chest : do not feel afraid or like you’re asking for attention / being a nuisance if you write down what you’re feeling on your blog . it is your blog . something you’ve created . it is yours . it is your safe space . & if that means venting or asking for some help , do so because sometimes that’s all someone can do . & it literally takes no toll on your life to send a little positivity someone’s way . anyway just ! be safe , be healthy / happy . get that stuff off your chest . we’re here for you & we believe in you . 

He who fears death either fears to lose all sensation or fears new sensations. In reality, you will either feel nothing at all, and therefore nothing evil, or else, if you can feel any sensations, you will be a new creature, and so will not have ceased to have life.
—  Marcus Aurelius

Browsing through my reaction gif folder I’ve come to the conclusion I’ve got a reaction for just about every occasion:

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 28


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I relate to that anon...every day since I went anti-SJW, I fear losing all my good friends on here because a lot of them are SJWs. (Nice reasonable ones) But that hasn't happened yet, luckily.

It’s a shame that people have to keep quiet about their beliefs for fear of losing friends. Something like politics shouldn’t sever friendships.


“I will, I promise”