14/14 Eden Hazard on a Ferris Wheel talking about Christmas 
(4 years ago)

This is the last one. Merry Chritmas to all my followers, I love you all so much. Thanks for everything, you’re in my heart! Happy holidays to all of you and your loved ones <3


“Mes fréros @hazardeden_10 & @didierdrogba seront également présents pour nous soutenir lundi 13 avril#LODM #UNAM4 🙏🙏🙏“

“My brothers @hazardeden_10 & @didierdrogba will be there too to support us on monday the 13th of April #LODM #UNAM4″

(VIDEO) eden : April 13th !
didier : we all need to support them, it’s very important!
eden : absolutely
didier : It’s gonna be a big night (party) ! A lot of great people will be there
juan : MAKALA!
didier : Juan Cuadrado will be there!
eden : we will be there too!
didier : we support as well the Makala Orphans’ Foundation!
eden : we’ll be there so come and bring many people with you! Thank you!
didier : and thanks Rio for the invitation!