By YouTube user Jonathan Villanueva

Punk de Los Angeles!

If you want to support a great DIY punk space (also documented in this video) please support E.7th St Warehouse by following the link!

Support punks of color bringing our communities together! Keep it DIY!



IT’S HAPPENING!!!! IT’S REALLY HAPPENING!!!! After months of illness and injury and mental breakdowns and hospital/doctors visits, we’ve finally arrived at the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, I know I’m in a fuckin sling but tonight is STILL happening and there couldn’t be a better, more healing way for me to close out this shitty fucking year before going MIA for a few months of #recovery. AHHHH I can’t wait to see and squeeze you all!!!!! Here’s a snippet of my #SpiceGirls cover to hold you over. 💚🙃💚 #Pukulele #ukulelecover #losangelespunk #highlandpark #bookshowla (at BOOK SHOW)

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