Los Cronocrimenes (or Timecrimes) is a timeloop movie. I’m a sucker for independent stuff, so I was automatically engaged by the small cast and few locations. 

The story is cool, but I was able to figure out most plot points shortly before the protagonist did. That was a little disappointing, but predictability is not everything. Also, I’m pretty sure this whole movie is about the dangers of voyeurism. 


Clara: Time flies here. Hector: I’m going upstairs to lie down.

I’m a sucker for time travel movies. Multiple Timelines, Spiral Theory, Paradoxes, Butterfly Effects, etc…

Timecrimes (or Los Conocrimenes) is quite the independent time-travel movie, following the trend in recent years of indie films not letting their lack of special effects keep them from telling a good sci-fi story. Just lower the stakes a bit and there ya go: instead of traveling back in time to kill Hitler, hows about ya go a mere 24 hours? Timecrimes weaves a tight little tale where absolutely every decision has already been made and you have no say in changing them, even if you do keep going back into the machine. 

It also features probably the worst explanation of timetravel between two characters:

Nope. You can do better. Come on…

Speaking of “explaining timelines through charts and graphs,” while Timecrimes is good, it certainly doesn’t hold a candle in mindblowing complexity to fellow low budget indie time travel film Primer. Hell, ya need a freakin map to figure out those overlapping timelines. Eesh… but I mean, a good Eesh.

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‘Los Cronocrimenes,’ aka 'Timecrimes’ is a Spanish language time travel suspense film. The story is intricate bordering on convoluted but it is excellently produced. A husbands relaxing day at the cottage turns into a time traveling nightmare. Comparable movies; 'Twelve Monkeys’ & 'Donnie Darko.'   (click on the picture for trailer link)

Triangle Movie Review

Triangle is a 2009 British - Australian psychological horror film that follows the terrifying time loop that a single mother must escape. Jess, the mother of an autistic boy named Tommy, treats herself to a day on a yacht with her friend Greg. Greg also invites two high school friends, Sally and Downey, who bring their tag along friend Heather. Greg has his own tag along eighteen year old, Victor, who is apparently living with him on his boat.

The gang of socially awkward sailors are soon bombarded by a freak electrical storm which subsides their yacht and leaves them stranded in the middle of the ocean. Thankfully a sea liner quickly comes to their rescue although after going aboard they realize that the 1930’s cruise ship is completely abandoned. While searching for someone to possibly help them Jess begins to experience strong yet bizarre deja vu, stating that she’s seen the inside of this ship before although that would be extremely unlikely. It’s not until her new friends fall victim to murder does the mystery begin to unravel and Jess finds herself retracing the steps of a continuous time loop. It’s up to her to figure out how to stop the loop and get back home to her son.

Triangle is very reminiscent of the 2007 Spanish science fiction flick Timecrimes (Los Cronocrímenes) with a sea surrounding and a female protagonist. There is very little terror in this psychological horror that was premiered in the London Fright Fest however it does fulfill the psychological part adequately. The film does an excellent job of keeping you hoping for the best until the credits roll. The acting is decent and while the dialog seems out of place at first it will make sense once you’ve viewed it from another angle. This is the type of movie I see myself enjoying even more the second and third time around. I do suggest this movie to any fan of the genre.

3 out of 5 stars.