Meet Cameron Woods. He’s 23 years old and kind of looks like Leonardo Dicaprio. He is the son of Trixie Belle and Peter Woods. He’s a fifth year architecture major.

  • Cameron is very much like his mom: incredibly talkative and upbeat and very protective over his friends and family. However, he has his father’s adventurous spirit. He even remodeled the old tree house that his mother built when she originally attended WDPA. On the bright side, he didn’t inherit that fiery temper,
  • He aspires to be an architect, just like his mom. He wants to gear his work into environmentally friendly places and even for wildlife conservation projects. Currently, he works at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical gardens under the construction unit.
  • Although he wasn’t born a fairy, he has a very vast knowledge of his mother, sister, and aunt’s fairy heritage from wings and history to pixie dust alchemy. And yes, he can fly. (With pixie dust)


  • Natalie Woods (Older Sister): Being the little brother of the oldest of the nextgen squad comes with its perks. He loves to pester her about her days here before he was born and play pranks as a brother would. Deep down, he admires her and aspires to be just as good as her, and will always go to her first for advice.
  • Tritons/Sullivans/Tremaines/Maldettes/Barnes/Edwards/Pendragons/Hattens (Family): He’s got a looot of cousins, but he loves them all to bits.
  • Wren Wazowski (Girlfriend): It had been a cat and mouse chase ever since they were kids. He liked her, she liked him, but they were too shy to go in for the kill…that was until last year they decided to change it and Cam doesn’t regret it one bit.
  • Emily Anchorage (Best Friend): Emily is like a little sister to him, he’s very much protective over her just as much as Dylan is. He’s always encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone.
  • Maia Skellington-Dorante (Best Friend): Maia, too, is like a little sister to Cam and is always in awe by her heart of gold. He likes to sit on top of the roof top and talk about philosophical things with her. 
  • Norah June Sullivan // Best Friend/Little Sister Figure
  • Lily Anne Flights // Childhood Best Friend 
  • Dalton Dorsey-Whitney // Best Friend