Ross Ice Shelf (top) and Sunk (bottom)by Mary Iverson, acrylic, ink, magazine photo on canvas.

Iverson’s works portray the ever-present and growing danger that nature faces from globalization. The found photographs of pristine landscapes become obscured by networks of fine lines, sinking ships, and containers that lay strewn across the environment, telling an all too familiar tale of ecological destruction at the hands of mankind. I’m very intrigued by her works. You can check out more at http://maryiverson.com/.


Robert Williams signed books all day long for an endless line of fans on March 28 at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. His new book, SLANG Aesthetics!, serves as an exhibition guide to the comprehensive retrospective by the same name. The exhibit opened last February at the same venue where the signing took place. It’s on view through April 19 in tandem with Juxtapoz Magazine’s anniversary group show, “20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz.” SLANG Aesthetics! covers Williams’ expansive career as an artist, a founder of Juxtapoz, and arguably the godfather of low brow art and culture.

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20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz.

Currently showing at The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Los Angeles, California is “20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz,” a group show dedicated to the Juxtapoz’s 20 years in publication.  Co-curated by Andrew Hosner and Gary Pressman, the show includes artists who have help defined Juxtapoz’s aesthetic as well as artists who have been influenced by the magazine.  The show will be on display until April 19th, 2015 and should absolutely not be missed.  (Artists above: Jeff Ramirez, Audrey Kawasaki, Cryptik, Joanne Nam, Josh Keyes, Mark Dean Veca, Natalia Fabia, Nosego and João Ruas.)

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LOVE this artist, Max Dalton. so funny.

“For the third and final stop of the nationally touring Quentin vs. Coen art show, I made this half martial arts – half spaghetti western style wedding picture poster. Original and 150 numbered copies will be available during the show, which will be on view October 1st and 2nd at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park as part of the Beyond Eden Art Fair. More info on the fair can be found here, any remaining copies of the prints will then be made available online here.  Collectors interested in the original signed copy should contact spokeartgallery@gmail.com to be placed on the show’s preview list.”

White Bee by Esao Andrews, oil on wood.

Honey bees are very special to me because a long time ago I learned that my name actually means honey bee in Greek and it was just so appropriate given my love of gardening and nature. It fit me so well!

Did you know that prior to European settlement in the 1600s, there were actually no true honeybees in the Americas?! There was a form of stingerless bee used by the Mayans to cultivate honey and other native bees such as bumble bees that could be used to pollinate, but honeybees actually didn’t reach the west coast until 200 years after the first honeybees were brought to America! There are over 20,000 species of bees in the world, only 7 of which are honeybees. The past 30 years, however, has seen the disappearance of dozens of species of bees due to the mysterious and devastating colony collapse disorder which has killed anomalous amounts of overwintering hives throughout the last several years. The cause of this disorder is widely unknown but scientist speculate that it could have derived from the overharvesting of honey (which honey bees actually store to use as a source of food to produce heat during the winter) or overuse of pesticides. Diseases spread by commercial honeybees as well as competition from those very same bees are also posing serious threats to native bee populations. Bee preservationists are advocating to have native bees raised locally to pollinate crops so as to minimize the transportation of commercial hives moving throughout the country.  


Mear One’s “Cognitive Dissonance” x Thinkspace Gallery at Beyond Eden.

This October 3rd & 4th at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Los Angeles, California is the multi-gallery event BEYOND EDEN which will be celebrating the New Contemporary Art Scene.

Mear One’s (Above) “Cognitive Dissonance” will be on display at Thinkspace Gallery’s booth and showcases some of his largest and most iconic works to date.  Through a dialectical method of sorts, his work questions the standard taught model of mankind’s origins, postulating that we are all part of a much longer historical identity that has been kept from our knowing - Why? By whom? To what end? - is one side of the story he aims to relate. Like many thinkers before him, Mear One believes that the collective unconscious already knows the soul of humanity, that we were once part of an ancient global society connected to a higher order and purpose, and works from the simple premise that a single paradigm shift in thinking has the revolutionary potential to change the order in everything, the end result being sublimation.

As Mear One says: “My work tackles subject matter that transcends the mundanity and mindlessness of our ruled world predicated upon a falsified past. As a result, mankind has been thrust unknowingly into a state of Cognitive Dissonance; humanity has been under soma, asleep for generations. Upon awaking, it will be the instinct of many to react to these truths in a very deep and visceral way, challenging some of our fundamental beliefs about what is and isn’t our shared, lived reality. Gaining intellectual independence from the dominant ideology can go some way towards overcoming this dissonance.”

Alongside Mear One at the Thinkspace portion of the event will be a new solo show, “Paving Paradise” by Meggs, work from Chuck Sperry and an installation from Craig “Skibs” Barker.

Thinkspace is just one of five awesome galleries participating.  For more and thorough information, please check out Beyond Eden’s Website.

Artist & Illustrator:

Eric Fortune

“I never posted the finished version of “For Us, The Living”. It’s going to be featured in the “Juxtapoz-20 years under the influence” presented by @coprogallery and @thinkspace_art at LAMAG(Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery) opening tomorrow sat 21st
It’s an amazing line up. Don’t miss it if you’re in the area.

This piece is a tribute to the great Robert Heinlein’s book “For Us, The Living”. Highly recommend.”


Detail view of a new oil painting from living legend Robert Williams for his solo show and retrospective ‘SLANG Aesthetics!’ that will be showing in tandem with '20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz’ ( @juxtapozmag ) up this February. Both exhibitions celebrate Williams and Juxtapoz’s vast influence on our movement and are curated by Andrew Hosner from Thinkspace and Gary Pressman from Copro Gallery along with the invaluable help of Greg Escalante. Both will be taking place Feb. 21st - April 19th at the L.A. Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park (4800 Hollywood Blvd.). RSVP now to rsvp@lamag.org - get ready Los Angeles!

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Sweet Carnivore by Scott Hove, acrylic polyurethane foam and mixed media.

This San Francisco native is best known for his cake-like creations which are usually anything but sweet. Combining the work of cake art with terrifying hybrid animal parts such as a mouth full of ferocious teeth or menacing horns, Hove tells the story of the “relationship between the beautiful and the brutal”. You can learn more about it on his website at http://www.mshove.com/index.htm.