I think I broke my zipper? | The Music of Harvey Beaks

In the episode “Rock Bark Rocks” Harvey attends his first rock concert and accidentally finds himself caught in a mosh pit. This short chaotic scene  reminded me of myself during my first punk shows as a teenager in Los Angeles (It was The Ramones, The Damned, and The Dickies on separate occasions at the Hollywood Palladium). There is a certain level of character building that can only come from getting kicked in the head to your favorite music– and a sense of hope that can only come from falling on your ass in a mosh pit… only to be rescued by a swarm of disembodied hands reaching down to pick you up.

I thought to myself, “Why can’t Harvey be stuck in the pit while one of my favorite punk bands is playing?” So I reached out to singer of the seminal Los Angeles punk band, The Dickies (The inimitable Leonard Graves Phillips) and asked if he wouldn’t mind singing on a 30-second song I wrote. I sent him the instrumental music and waited. A few days later I get a 5am text from Leonard with the following lyrics:

I got OCD. Don’t you pick on me.
Zipper. I think I broke my zipper.

I’m not one to argue with genius. I’ve admired Leonard since I was a kid. I told him it was perfect and a week later he was in my studio recording these very words. I just love that he sat there listening to my song and these were the lyrics that popped in his head. Life is absurd. I love how it came out and so honored to have this tiny connection to my favorite wobbly-voiced musician. Incidentally, this song is far from featured in the episode, it goes by very quickly and it’s low in the mix, but that’s why I put these videos up with the full volume mixes.

THE DICKIES formed in 1977 and are one of the greatest melodic punk bands of all time. Truly underrated, although they did have some much deserved success with the cult film “Killer Klowns from Outer space” and most recently, on the soundtrack to “KICK ASS” with their Banana Splits anthem. Enjoy!


On this day in music history: January 24, 1980 - A large billboard to promote Pink Floyd’s album “The Wall” and their four city tour of the US, is erected above the parking lot of the Tower Records store on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA. The billboard has a giant brick wall pasted up in front of it, resembling the cover artwork for “The Wall”. Bricks are removed each day from the billboard, slowly revealing a massive blow up of artist Gerald Scarfe’s artwork from the inner album cover gatefold underneath. The artwork is fully unveiled by the end of the bands’ Los Angeles tour dates in February.


1983. Born Again

is the eleventh album by band Black Sabbath, released in August . It is the only album the group recorded with lead vocalist Ian Gillan, best known for his work with Deep Purple. The album has received mixed reviews from critics,  but it was a commercial success upon its 1983 release, reaching No. 4 in the UK charts. The album as well hit the top 40 in the United States,

Following the departure of vocalist Ronnie James Dio and drummer Vinny Appice in 1982, Black Sabbath’s future was very much in doubt. The band switched management to Don Arden (Sharon Osbourne’s father) and it was he who suggested Ian Gillan as the band’s new vocalist.  "That band was put together on paper,“ guitarist Tony Iommi revealed in the 1992 documentary Black Sabbath: 1978–1992. "We’d never rehearsed.” Initially, the project which became Born Again was intended to be a new supergroup; they did not intend to bill themselves as Black Sabbath but Arden insisted on the group using the recognisable Black Sabbath name. The band considered many possible vocalists such as Robert Plant and David Coverdale before settling on Gillan. The band even received an audition tape from a then-unknown Michael Bolton. Iommi told Hit Parader magazine in 1983 that Gillan was the best available candidate, saying “His shriek is legendary.” Gillan was at first reluctant to work on the project, but his manager later convinced him to meet with Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler at The Bear public house in Oxford and, after a night of heavy drinking, Gillan officially committed to the project in February 1983. Born Again also featured the return of founding member Bill Ward on drums, who had left the band in 1980 and was now newly sober. Ward has said that he enjoyed making the album.

Black Sabbath began recording the album in May 1983 at The Manor Studio owned by Richard Branson in the Oxfordshire countryside. Producer Robin Black had previously worked with the band in the mid-1970s, serving as engineer for the album Sabotage. In his autobiography, Iommi recounts his surprise when Gillan informed him that during the sessions he planned to live outside the house in a marquee tent. “I thought he was joking, but when I arrived at the Manor I saw this marquee outside and I thought, fucking hell, he’s serious. Ian had put up this big, huge tent. It had a cooking area and a bedroom and whatever else.” Gillan brought an immediacy to the songwriting process that was uncommon for Sabbath. “Ian’s lyrics were about sexual things or true facts, even about stuff that happened at The Manor there and then,” Iommi recalls in his memoir. “They were good, but quite a departure from Geezer’s and Ronnie’s lyrics.” For example, Gillan returned from a local pub one evening, took a car belonging to drummer Ward, and commenced racing around a go-cart track located on the Manor Studio property. He crashed the car, which burst into flames after he escaped uninjured. He wrote the album’s opening track “Trashed” about the experience. In addition, the song “Disturbing the Priest” was written after a rehearsal space set up by Iommi in a small building near a local church received noise complaints from the resident priests.

Although the band got along well, it became apparent to all involved that Gillan’s style did not quite mesh with the Sabbath sound. In 1992, Gillan told director Martin Baker, “I was the worst singer Black Sabbath ever had. It was totally, totally incompatible with any music they’d ever done. I didn’t wear leathers, I wasn’t of that image…I think the fans probably were in a total state of confusion.” In 1992, Iommi admitted to Guitar World, “Ian is a great singer, but he’s from a completely different background, and it was difficult for him to come in and sing Sabbath material.” When the band heard the final product they were horrified at the muffled sound of the mix. In his autobiography, Iommi explains that Gillan inadvertently blew a couple of tweeters in the studio speakers by playing back the tracks too loud and nobody noticed. “We just thought it was a bit of a funny sound, but it went very wrong somewhere between the mix and the mastering and the pressing of that album…the sound was really dull and muffly. I didn’t know about it, because we were already out on tour in Europe. By the time we heard the album, it was out and in the charts, but the sound was awful.” For all his misgivings, Gillan remembers the period fondly, stating in the Black Sabbath: 1978–1992 documentary, “But by God, we had a good year…And the songs, I think, were quite good.”

According to Iommi’s autobiography, Ward began drinking again near the end of the Born Again recording sessions and returned to Los Angeles for treatment. The band recruited Bev Bevan, who had played with The Move and ELO, for the upcoming tour in support of the new album and, in many respects, the tour was far more remarkable than the album. Gillan had all the lyrics to the Sabbath songs written out and plastered all over the stage, explaining to Martin Baker in 1992, “I couldn’t get into my brain any of these lyrics…I cannot soak in these words. There’s no storyline. I can’t relate to what they mean.” Gillan attempted to overcome the problem by having a cue book with plastic pages on stage, which he would turn with his foot during the show. However, Gillan did not anticipate the “six buckets” of dry ice that engulfed the stage, making it impossible for the singer to see the lyric sheets. “Ian wasn’t very sure-footed either,” Iommi writes in his memoir. “He once fell over my pedal board. He was waving at the people, stepped back and, bang!, he went arse over head big time.” Gillan also told Birch that it was Don Arden’s idea to open the show with a crying baby blaring over the speakers and a dwarf made to look exactly like the demonic baby depicted on the Born Again album cover miming to the screaming. “We noticed a dwarf walking around the day before the opening show…And we’re saying to Don, ‘We think this is in the worst possible taste, this dwarf, you know?’ And Don’s going, 'Nah, the kids will love it, it’ll be great.’”

Born Again is a great heavy metal album. It’s also a great Black Sabbath album and quite deserving of the name. Many of the albums they made past this point were also good albums that have been sadly overlooked. If you wish to get into the more obscure Sabbath stuff, this would be a good starting point. All three instrumental members are still there, and they are fronted by Deep Purple’s singer. It isn’t a bad idea on paper, and it certainly still isn’t a bad idea when executed.

I even like the cover. It’s scary, strange, and symbolic image of the Antichrist’s - all that what we think as 'evil’, 'wrong’ and so on - birth to this world. Much like this album is with it’s crushing overall sound and two doom metal monoliths of the A-side. If you can forget the production, which can be problem for some, and two or three fillers, you get a very well done album.

                     Tony Iommi     Geezer Butler     Bill Ward     Ian Gillan

I want it, I need it

🌹They ran along the streets of Los Angeles, panting and laughing as they chaos erupted behind them. Gunshots fired, screams echoed and blood poured through the streets. Police sirens wailed and the thud of their footsteps became less noticeable than before the sirens started
🌹Phil roughly shoved the battered door to a house that was basically a slum that stood inconspicuously on the side of the road in downtown L.A. He checked no-one was around, before grabbing Dan’s hand to pull him inside.
🌹Together, they stumbled inside, still shaking with laughter as Dan hit the play button on the battered old radio. Sound flooded through the apartment and an old Los Angeles metal band blared through the blown out speakers that had seen parties no-one else remembered.
🍀Tonight there’s gonna be fight so if you need a place to go…
🌹'Oh there was a fight wasn’t there Philly’ Dan whispered as he kissed along Phil’s jaw seductively, alcohol and drugs burning through his veins. He slowly kissed from the corners of Phil’s mouth, down to his jaw line where he kissed away small dots of other people’s blood.
🌹He slowly kissed up to his ear, where he nibbled gently, eliciting a gasp from Phil, before attacking Phil’s lips with his own. He nibbled at his bottom lip, before sliding his tongue into Phil’s mouth and exploring.
🍀Got a two room slum, a mattress and a gun and the cops don’t ever show….
🌹Collapsing down on the mattress, shirts were wrenched off and the two men started to grind harshly against each other, pants and moans filling the room on to of the music. Phil was already very hard under his skinny jeans, and he decided to take it one step further and unbutton his jeans, and force them off.
🍀So come right in, cause everybody sins…
🌹'Such a dirty boy Phil, starting a gang war then having sex with another man, what would your parents think?’ Dan breathed into Phil’s ear, whilst taking off his jeans so there was only a thin layer of fabric separating their hard cocks. Dan moaned slightly as the cool air hit his skin, but quickly regained his composure.
🌹Phil moaned loudly, not embarrassed like he was when they first got together, which only encouraged Dan further. Dan peppered kisses in a traditional down the side of Phil’s neck, before kissing all the way back up again, leaving a few hickeys in his wake.
🌹'You’re a slut Phil, my whore, my little cockslut, what are you?’ Dan growled into Phil’s ear, slowly moving down south again. He reached Phil’s shoulder, where he bit into the soft flesh, causing Phil to let out a strangled cry. Snaking across Phil’s skin, Dan’s hand slowly rubbed over Phil’s nipple, erecting the small nub.
🌹'A slut, a whore’ Phil gasped as Dan moved his mouth lower to softly suck on Phil’s erect nipple before moving back up to his neck. Phil’s neck and shoulders were a mess of hickeys and love bites.
🍀The devil is a friend of mine

🌹Dan slowly slid his hands under Phil’s boxers, grasping his hard cock and dipping his thumb in his slit. Phil moaned loudly, and dropped his head into the nape of Dan’s neck whilst he was being turned into putty by Dan’s hands.
🍀If you think it’s crazy, you ain’t seen a thing, just wait until it’d going down in flames….
🌹Dan withdrew his hand from Phil’s boxers and took his boxers off, covering Phil’s body with his own. Phil bit down into Dan’s shoulder, sucking a mark there. He was going to make another mark, but Dan moved to grab a small bottle from under the pillow before he could.
🌹The cap on the lube was almost hanging off, as it got used pretty regularly. The familiar pop of the cap jerked Phil back to reality after he slipped into subspace for a brief period of time. Dan slicked three fingers up with lube, throwing the battered bottle aside so he could focus on Phil.
🌹 Dan inserted one slicked up finger inside of Phil, getting a moan from the latter as he lay helpless beneath him. Phil tried to fuck himself on Dan’s finger, as it was going too slowly for him. Dan withdrew his finger, and without warning shoved a second one up Phil’s ass, scissoring them.
🍀We are…we are the saints We signed our life away Doesn’t matter what you think We’re gonna do it anyway We are…we are the saints One day you will confess And Pray to the saints of Los Angeles…
🌹A final finger was used to stretch Phil, finding his prostate which made Phil cry out from pleasure, before Dan lubed up his cock, and lined himself up. He traced around Phil’s rim, teasing him and getting him worked up before pushing in all at once.
🌹Phil bottomed out with a moan, the feeling of Dan’s throbbing, hot cock inside of him too much to handle. He slowly started moving his hips, only to be held still be Dan who started thrusting into him.
🌹Dan hit Phil’s prostate with practiced ease, making his vision flash white and all his senses dull. His movements got more erratic and sloppy as he neared the edge of his release, and judging by Phil’s moans, he was close too.
🌹They came almost simultaneously, Dan releasing into Phil, and Phil coming all over their chests. Coming down from their high, they collapsed on one another with pure exhaustion.
🌹Dan pulled out slowly, not wanting to hurt Phil in his over-sensative state. He grabbed two pairs of boxers, and dressed them both before pulling the bed covers over them.
🌹Phil grabbed Dan, spooning him and they fell asleep cuddled up. Who said tough-guy gang members couldn’t be cuddly?

It bothers me that I always see those posts about female fronted bands, but the are almost always bands that have a female singer and the rest of the band is male. Why don’t we give some love to the all female bands and bands that are always left out of those lists. I’m not going to be including solo artists because they already receive enough love. Also I thought it might be good to mention that the majority of the women on this list are either openly not straight or give off very gay vibes.

1. Against Me!

I’m starting with one that to me seem fairly obvious why it is not included in posts about female fronted bands, the lead singer Laura Jane Grace in a transgender female. For me this is always the first band that I think of when I am thinking about this category, maybe that is just because I love them so much who knows.

Against Me! is a band that started in Gainesville, Florida in 2002. The band currently consists of Inge Johansson, James Bowman, Laura Jane Grace, and Atom Willard. They mainly play punk rock and alternative rock.

2. Sleater-Kinney

I’m surprised about the amount of people who don’t listen to or even know Sleater-Kinney. Everyone knows who Carrie Brownstein and how awesome she is, so why not listen to her equally awesome band?

Sleater-Kinney has such an amazing and unique sound that I seriously love so much. They just released a new record after a ten year hiatus and working on solo projects. They formed in Olympia, Washington in 1994. The member of the band are Janet Weiss, Corin Tucker, and Carrie Brownstein. They mainly play punk rock and indie rock.

3. Warpaint

Warpaint  is not usually the type of music that I listen to, but for some reason I just reAlly love their music. Last year they released a self titled record. It definitely helps that they are all adorable.

Warpaint was formed in Los Angeles in 2004. The band is made up of Emily Kokal, Theresa Wayman, Stella Mozgawa, and Jenny Lee Lindberg. The band is described as psychedelic rock,  art rock, and dream pop.

4. Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara Quin are identical twins and have been making music together since they were 15.  Both Tegan and Sara are openly gay and do work in the community, not to mention they are both smart and funny.

Tegan and Sara started playing music in 1995 in Calgary, Canada. The two members are Tegan and Sara Quin. Their genre has changed over their seven records but it is mainly indie rock, indie pop, and on their most recent record synthpop.

5. Now, Now

This band is amazing and I’m not sure why the entirety of tumblr doesn’t know about them, especially considering that all of the members are gay! They are also working on a new record!

They formed in Blaine, Minnesota in 2003 and are currently based in Minneapolis. The members are Brad Hale, Cacie Dalager, and Jess Abbott. The genre of music that they play is indie rock.

6. Haim

I’m not really sure how everyone doesn’t listen to Haim. I mean just look at them, they are amazing and their hair is perfect!

Haim was formed in Los Angeles in 2007. The band is made up of Alana, Danielle, and Este Haim. Pop rock and soft rock are the types of music that they play.


Went with the squad to the Haim pop up shop in Hollywood today. Got there super early to get good spots and merch. We were fortunate enough to get free autographed posters and photos with both Alana and Danielle. Barely missed out on meeting Este though because security told us we had to leave ☹️