c/o 2011, Congratulations :)

Cypress HS; Congratulations to all of these 2011 babies! I’m so proud and happy for you guys :) I really missed all of our badminton + non-badminton memories. We need to hit up dolphin bay soon! ;) Anyways, you’re finished and done with the school regulations, the dress codes, and the morning announcements at Cypress High School. Woo!

My little seastar has grown up and graduated! Even though we may be far apart from one another, we’re still sisters and no matter what, I’m only a phone call away :) I felt like your mother today at graduation, trying to take pictures of you and screaming out your name. It was freezing cold in the stands and the principal would not stop announcing awards that were totally unnecessary but in the end, it was all worth it to see you walk up onto that stage to grab a hold of your blank diploma hahaha! You make big seastar proud!

And for those of you who’ve just graduated as well, congratulations! You guys all deserve a pat on a back for all the hard work you’ve put into these past 4 years. :P 


The mountains in the background were a beautiful complement to an exciting CCS Division II championship girls soccer game Saturday in San Jose, CA.

Los Altos High School and St. Francis High School – both local teams for the Los Altos Town Crier – made it to the finals and it was exciting to see the teams battle it out on the green.

Media were restricted to one side of the field and were not allowed to enter the end zones (one of my favorite places to shoot soccer). Fortunately, I did a pretty good job of anticipating the action and was close enough to the goals to capture some great saves by the goalies. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what our sports editor decides to print in the paper. Overall, a winning day for local teams – regardless of the score.