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I'll Be A Better Man Today - Reggie Mantle x Reader

Summary: Reader breaks up with Reggie after he refuses to stop harassing Jughead. Every attempt to get her back fails, so he comes up with a plan to knock her off her feet.
Requested: Yes
Warnings: None, apologies for any grammar/spelling mistakes.
A/N: I am doing this in two parts, as when I started writing it, it become longer than I had planned it. Hope you enjoy!

Jughead didn’t miss the way you determinedly ignored your boyfriend of almost nine months as you passed him in the hallway, at half eight Monday morning.

Greeting your best friend, he also noticed you didn’t make eye contact with him. He watched you fumbling with the combination lock, eyes narrowed. Across the hall, Reggie Mantle, the aforementioned boyfriend, approached slowly. Jughead steeled himself for the usual barrage of insults - but they never came.

‘Hey, (Y/N)?’ He called your name softly, face downcast and eyes sad. You ignored him. Jughead frowned, confusion on his face. Reggie tried again to get your attention.

’(Y/N), can we talk, please?’ His voice weighed with sorrow, even Jughead almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

‘I have to get to class,’ you finally spoke, slamming the locker shut with a loud clang, turning to Jughead and tugging him down the corridor. Leaving behind Reggie, who watched you walk away with a pain in his chest.

'Wanna tell me what that was about?’ Jughead asked, stopping you with a hand on your elbow. You swallowed thickly, emotion welling up in your eyes, your throat tight. 'I broke up with Reggie last night,’ you managed to get the words out with some semblance of strength; Jughead’s eyes widened, surprise like ice-water, shocking him deeply. 'What? Why?’

'He’s a bully, Jug,’ you reminded him, sounding tired. 'And I can’t - I don’t want to be with someone like that,’ you confessed, biting your lip in an effort to hold back the tears that stung in your eyes. Jughead’s face softened; any other circumstances, he would have been glad that his best friend was away from the self-obsessed captain of the football team. However, he could see it in your face, how much you were hurting - and, to be fair to Reggie, even if he could he an ass, he was never anything but a loving, kind boyfriend to you.

’(Y/N)…’ he started, feeling guilty, if you had broken not only Reggie’s heart, but your own, for his sake… you immediately held up a hand to stop him. 'Jughead, no. I didn’t do it because of you, I just …’ a heavy sigh followed before you continued, shaking your head. 'I can’t be the girl who dates the asshole jock, anymore. Just because I lo-’ you cut yourself off with a choked sound, and Jughead’s arm immediately came to wrap around your shoulder, comfortingly. 'Just because I care about him, doesn’t mean I can condone his actions.’

Jughead pulled you in for a proper hug then, squeezing you tightly. The affectionate gesture was all it took for the dam to burst. Suddenly, you were a sobbing wreck, head buried in the taller boys chest. He guided you to a empty classroom, and let you sit through the agonising heartbreak you felt deep inside.


The rest of the day passed fairly uneventfully. Reggie approached you a few more times, begging for a minute to talk. Each time, you turned your back and walked away. It was just too much to handle, seeing his face, eyes glazed and eyelashes clinging together with unshed tears. If you even looked at him, just once, you knew it would be the end of you. Veronica and Betty banded together, forming a human shield against your ex - Archie getting angry by the final bell and almost starting a fist fight. Jughead managed to calm him down; 'It’ll only make (Y/N) feel worse.’
You wanted to protest; surely nothing could equal how this felt, to be so close to Reggie but so far away. You kept your mouth shut. You kept your eyes glued to the floor.

Even at home, you were granted no relief. He showed up at the front door, clutching a bouquet of daisies, your favourites. Your father answered, you lurking at the top of the stairs, just out of sight. You couldn’t hear what they were saying, but after a moment, the door closed again. Sitting on the top step, your dad looked up to you, smiling sadly. He showed you the flowers, tied with a blue string. You fell apart again. A note was attached to the stem, and you took it to your room, the lingering scent of his familiar cologne lingering on the envelope.

You read, and reread, and reread, the letter penned in black ink, unmistakably Reggie’s handwriting. You read it until you knew it off by heart, until you could still see the uneven letters when you closed your eyes. Your phone buzzed relentlessly, with pleading messages and voicemails, and concerned texts from the gang. Eventually, you turned it off, crawling under the covers of your bed and switching off the lights. Sleep came surprisingly easy, you felt drained, almost hollow, from the strain of ignoring Reggie and putting on a smile for the sake of your friends.


Tap, tap, tap.

You moaned; rolling over and finding the cool side of the bed. Smiling in your sleep, you relaxed into the mattress.

Tap, tap, tap.

The knocking dragged you, unwillingly, from your rest. You blinked, a yawn wrestling itself out of your mouth.

Tap, tap, tap.

You shot up, the source of the noise hitting you like a truck. You glanced toward your window, the blinds still open, as you hadn’t had the energy to pull them down earlier. In the dim light of the street lamps, you could just about make out Reggie’s face through the pane of glass. Shuffling across the floor, you lifted it up a few inches, folding your arms against the sudden breeze.

’(Y/N),’ he breathed out, voice rough. It was hard to ignore the shiver the sound of it caused down your spine.

'Reggie, I told you yesterday,’ you whispered, 'I have nothing to say to you.’
'Please, baby, can we just talk?’ He begged, and this time he didn’t hold back his tears, tanned face slick with saltwater.
'There’s nothing to talk about,’ the struggle to keep your emotion in check was one you were starting to lose. Putting your hands against the window again, Reggie pressed his palm to the glass. 'Please, (Y/N), please. I can’t lose you. Just - just give me a second chance!’

Your resolve threatened to crumble, the break in his voice like a sharp edge digging into your gut. With all the strength you could muster, you shook your head. 'You haven’t done anything to prove you deserve one.’

With that, you shut the window, stepping away and pulling the blinds down. You couldn’t see, but Reggie had really fallen apart when you shut yourself away from him. His forehead fell to rest against the cool glass, chest heaving with sobs, his whole body shaking so hard he almost lost his balance on the ledge.

Meanwhile, you had climbed back into your bed, turning over your pillow and burying your face into it. You couldn’t believe what had just happened. You couldn’t believe you had shut him down so harshly. While guilt settled in the pit of your belly, you reaffirmed to yourself that it was the right thing to do. Reggie was, at his core, a kind person. However, he wore armour so thick in public it took a lot to shed it all away to get to that kind person. You’d begged him so many times, to stop harassing Jughead, and Reggie had made promises he obviously couldn’t keep. You fell back asleep, eventually, knowing you’d need all your strength to face the following day.

Un consejo; si hay un corte de luz general en toda la ciudad y es de noche, salgan a su patio, a su balcón, a su terraza, y miren el cielo. Es lo más hermoso que podrán ver en mucho tiempo. Está lleno de estrellas, de constelaciones, cosas que no se ven, a causa de las luces de la ciudad. Disfruten de los pequeños detalles.

home to artists,
and storytellers,
lie-smiths, and

a place that can
make or break you,
can give all
that you give
back to you
or take you.

where the stars are not
above you, but
on the streets you walk
and the hills that look
upon you.

a place that can
make you
proud or
powerful or
where you can
live large or
for the cheap,

where you can
pretend or become
saint, sinner or creep,
where handsome
strangers or
charming lovers
can fuck you into
or fuck you over
in your

where you can be who
you are and
do what you want to,
but only if you’re
willing to fight for it,
pay your dues or
pay the price
that you have to.

stargaze and
live out,
set the pace,
lose yourself,
find yourself,
and indulge
in your transition

let her guide you,
or lose you,
ruin you
or protect you,
save you
or destroy you,
lead, mislead or
teach and
inspire you.

town of Our lady,
the Queen of (devils
and) angels,

listen, hope
and despair,
as she
for you
and calls out
to you,
punishes you,
consoles you,
and prays for you.

—  of the town of Our Lady, the Queen of [Devils and] Angels (5/27/17), thekaijusleeps

anonymous asked:

Can you do an imagine where you are the new girl at black jack pizza and Eric finds you extremely sexy and he asks you to get high in the restroom and yall end up having sex

Have it my hungry children and again you are wearing a skirt with easy access lol I’m just too lazy for trousers

Warnings: a little bit of degrading? there might have slipped one little ‘daddy’ but it’s not really daddy kink 

“Have fun!”

“I won’t.”

You muttered at your mother as she dropped you off at Blackjack Pizza. Your parents had always spoiled you but at the end of the school year your father had insisted that you’d get a summer job and now you were here. This was your first workday. You sighed a bit annoyed while you went up to the door and entered.

You had talked to that guy, Jason was his name, who did the job interview with you and he had only given you the date of your first workday. Just that you should come here, you had recieved no other instructions on what to wear or what your task would be. You felt a little bit unsure but just walked in, it was still early so there were no customers but only employees that prepared everything. You looked around shortly before you spotted someone at the counter. It was a tall boy with blonde hair, standing with his back turned to you. You cleared your throat, feeling a little bit uncomfortable and he turned around.

“Hi, I’m (Y/N).”

You said while you looked at him. He had unusual features to be honest, not unattractive but just unusal. His blonde hair fell in slightly curled waves almost down to his shoulders and he wore a strangely formed ear ring on his left ear but it looked cool somehow.

“(Y/N)? Jason told me that you’d come today. Hey, I’m Dylan.”

He reached out his hand and you shook it, looking around. You had no idea where to go or where to start, what was your position here?

“Okay Dylan, can I be honest? I have no clue what I have to do here. I never even had a summer job.”

You said, feeling a little nervous and being a bit afraid that you’d leave a bad first impression but he just laughed slightly.

“Don’t worry. My friend and I didn’t know it either when we started working here but I’ll show you. It’ll quickly become routine.”

He assured you and you were relieved to say the least that your coworkers were obviously not so stuck up but rather cool. Dylan showed you everything and informed you that you mostly only had to clean up, clear tables and make the pizza toppings. It sounded boring but it was better than hard work, wasn’t it?

After that short tour, Dylan immediately instructed you to store a delivery of groceries that had just came in. You didn’t complain like you wanted to but just started, wishing you would have chosen different clothes for your first work day than a skirt. This really did not come in handy. But Jason had said that he still had to order your uniform so you had to wear private clothing for the next days still.

You sighed as you stocked packet after packet in the pantry. You really wished your father hadn’t forced you to get a summer job. There was nothing good about a summer job, what could be considered good working during summer?

“What’s up V?”

You heard a voice coming from outside and wanted to look but the door to the restaurant wasn’t opened enough for you to see and you should probably finish this first before going outside again.

“You’re not doing the afternoon shift?”

“Nah man, I already took the morning shift, you assigned me Eric, don’t you remember? You, Michelle and (Y/N) are alone until afternoon. Michelle will come in a few minutes but I will maybe cover her evening shift tonight.”

“Who the fuck is (Y/N)?”

You heard the stranger’s voice ask and felt a little bit uncomfortable. Should you burst out of the room and introduce yourself? No one had ever educated you on how work life ran, dammit.

“She’s the new one.”

You heard Dylan say and could spot him through the crack, taking off his Blackjack Pizza t-shirt to reveal a normal one underneath.

“I showed her everything for now, just don’t be too hard on her.”

Oh great. Now Dylan was leaving and you still had no idea if it was appropriate to step outside or finish your task first. You heard Dylan yelling bye and as the bell on the door rang when he left. You were alone with the stranger. No worries, no worries. You could totally manage that. You bowed down to pick up the last packet with groceries next to the door as you screeched and jumped up upon seeing two feet next to the packet.

“I’‘m Eric.”

The boy in front of you said with a cheeky smile, not even bothering that you had almost just gotten a heart attack. You looked at him, he was a little bit smaller than Dylan but still taller than you. He wore a black cap, turned backwards and overall black.

“I’m (Y/N).”

You stuttered and placed the packet on the shelf to your right.

“Do you always wear that to work (Y/N)?”

Eric asked and pointed at your skirt. You quickly shook your head.

“No but it’s hot and I didn’t know what to wear to be honest. Jason said he’d get me my uniform by the end of this week.”

You tried to justify yourself.

“That wasn’t meant as a complaint though.”

He said and winked at you before he turned around and left, likely to change. You blushed. Oh boy, your coworkers weren’t tensed up at all. A little bit later a girl arrived who introduced herself as ‘Michelle’, she seemed a little bit shy but quite nice and Eric also came back in his uniform.

“Hey (Y/N), do you wanna have some fun?”

You looked at him, a bit confused but damn every word leaving this guy’s mouth caused something inside of you. You raised one eyebrow and Eric grinned while he pulled a neatly rolled joint out of his pocket. You grinned and nodded and Eric quickly turned to Michelle.

“We’re going outside for a sec you got this.”

You followed him out of the restaurant and were surprised as he lead you to the bathroom, holding the door open for you and locking it with a key from the inside.

“Ladies first.”

He said, handing you the joint and you took it with a smile.

“If someone would have told me that my work includes smoking a joint in the bathroom then I would have worked her much earlier.”

You joked and took the first drag before handing it back to him, watching as Eric did the same. It was some good weed, wherever he got it from, you had to make sure to ask him for the source later.

“I assigned you the morning shifts for this week.”

Eric said after taking another drag and you sighed.

“So you’re the shift manager? Great, I love standing up early.”

You answered, your voice dripping with sarcasm.

“You can ask me to change them.”

Eric said with a smirk and gave you the joint again while leaning back against the wall, letting the smoke out through his nose. You took another drag, slowly feeling as it began to work.

“You can bet your ass I will.”

“Oh yeah, but if you want to have a shift change you better get in with me.”

He said and you smiled, handing him the joint, so small by now that only one drag was left.

“Oh is that so? And how do I get in with you?”

Eric grinned while he threw the stub of the joint in the sink and came closer to you until he was barely a few inches away.

“Well, there certainly is a way for girls to get in with me.”

He whispered and his tongue darted out to moisten his lips.

“Enlighten me.”

You said with a cheeky smile and immediately put your arms around his neck as his lips crushed against yours, pulling his cap off to run your fingers through his hair. Your first workday was running pretty smoothly, you couldn’t complain at all. Making out in the bathroom with the shift manager that you had just met a few hours ago, your mother would be proud.

“Am I doing well at earning my shift change?”

You asked as he kissed down your neck, while his hands sneaked under your skirt and up your thighs. Eric hummed approving.

“You’re doing freaking great, baby.”

He said and you felt his hand sliding over your  hip and to your back to grab your ass.

“Such a little slut, wearing practically nothing to work.”

“That’s not nothing-”

You started to protest but were quickly silenced as Eric grabbed your chin and pushed his thumb inside of your mouth.

“Do me a favour and only speak when you’re directly spoken too, alright?”

You nodded and stood silently as Eric’s gaze dropped to your mouth enveloping his thumb. He seemed to get an idea as he pulled it out and pushed it in again before grinning.

“Now, I do appreciate a girl that knows her place.”

He said and you understood in a heartbeat. You slid down against the wall, ending up to kneel in front of him, waiting for anything he would tell you to do.

“Aren’t you a smart one? Obeying without me commanding.”

Eric said as he unbuckled his belt and you placed your hands on his thighs, impatiently waiting. You watched as he dragged his zipper down, agonizingly slowly and pulled himself out. You began to shift around, silently begging to touch him.

“Go ahead.”

Eric said with a grin and you wrapped your hands around his length, kissing his tip hesitantly before you took him into your mouth. You were sure that Eric was one of them guys that wouldn’t let the girls suck them off in peace but rather fuck into their mouths but he didn’t. Whatever it was, if he wasn’t one of them or just had mercy with you at this moment, he didn’t. He just watched you intensly as you sucked him off, choking a little bit.

“Take it easy kiddo.”

One of his hands tightened in your hair to guide your pace while the other stroked over your cheek.

“You’re doing well.”

Eric groaned and you had to confess that you had never before enjoyed a blowjob this much and therefor whimpered when he pulled you off of him, earning a chuckle.

“Turn around.”

Eric ordered and when you didn’t comply immediately spun you around and pushed you against the wall, your skirt got raised and your panties were pulled down, pooling around your ankles. Eric kicked your legs further apart and smiled against your neck as he pushed you into the wall.

“You are a lovely sight right now if you care to know.”

He said and you couldn’t even brace yourself, moaning loudly as he thrust into you all of a sudden. Eric stroked a few strains of your hair away to kiss at your neck.

“I know baby, feels good doesn’t it?”

He growled, resting inside of you, not thrusting but just softly grinding against you for that moment, letting you both enjoy his cock being so deep inside of you. You whimpered in pleasure.

“Sh, sh, sh, daddy knows.”

He pulled out and thrusted back inside of you, making you moan again.

“Now that is better, isn’t it?”

Eric asked and began to increase his pace, thrusting inside of you and pulled at your hip, encouraging you to push back against him.

“Oh yes, you’re doing good on your first workday.”

He hissed. You moaned louder at both the praise and the feeling of his cock rubbing deliciously against your inner walls. You couldn’t resist and dropped your hand between your legs to touch yourself.

“No way.”

Eric chuckled and pulled your hand away, pressing it against the wall next to your face.

“You won’t touch yourself unless I say so.”

He growled again, sounding quite possessive and increased in pace. You were helplessly trapped between his body and the wall, begging him to give you that last bit of friction that you’d need to cum. Pleas left your mouth, incoherent words and Eric seemed amused at the fact that he was the one making you do this, fucking you so good that your brain seemed to fail.

“Do it then.”

He finally panted and let go of your wrist, allowing you to touch yourself and that was literally what it needed, only one touch, a little flick against your clit and you whimpered and moaned as you came. Eric pushed deeply inside of you and bit into your shoulder as you felt him coming inside of you. This had certainly not been the plan but you couldn’t care less at this moment, still contracting around him. He groaned behind you and dug his fingers into your hips, grinding against you.

“That was fucking nice.”

He said and kissed your shoulder where a mark of his bite slowly formed. Eric pulled out of you and quickly tucked himself away before he pulled up your panties and smacked your ass so hard that you winced.

“You better not wear something this short again.”

Eric whispered huskily into your ear. Eitherway he was still very much lost in the situation or he was always like that but you couldn’t care less. You didn’t turn around until you heard him unlocking the door and leaving.

Your legs were still shaky as you fixed your clothing and walked out of the bathroom, running into Dylan who arrived for his shift.

“Hey, how is your first work day going so far?”

Dylan asked with a smile, seeming genuinely interested. You pulled your skirt a little further down and ran your fingers through your hair as you were still trying to catch your breath.

“Better than I could have ever imagined.”

You replied out of breath and with wobbly legs walked back to the counter, Dylan’s confused gaze following you. You would make sure to wear something shorter tomorrow, presuming Eric had shift.

Change of Heart (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Sarah Jones (OC), Sam Winchester

Length: 1922+ words

TW: Character Death

One of the easiest things she realized was when she had fallen in love with Dean Winchester. And it was easier to know when he had fallen in love with her, as well.

She knew him like the back of her hand.

So, it’s no surprise that she would know the exact moment when Dean Winchester had fallen out of love with her.

It was just another vampire case, 40 minutes from Kansas. Nothing too complicated. Except, of course, their relationship. Garth had called them when they were unpacking at the motel. He said something about another hunter being there. Dean had rolled his eyes, telling him to tell the other hunter that this case was theirs. Sam insisted that perhaps they would just meet the other hunter, hoping that they knew more about the case than they did at the moment. And foolishly, you agreed with Sam.

Her name was Sarah Jones. She was an amazing hunter- smart, calculating, and a total badass. It was like you guys had known each other for years. She just fell into stride with the team, and you can tell that Dean was smitten. How could he not?

She shared similar interests with him, from their choice of alcohol to their love for cars. You’ve heard them talking for hours, well into the night. When Dean had invited her back to the bunker, you couldn’t hide your excitement. Having another girl would really help balance the team dynamic. You and Sarah got along so well, she quickly became your closest friend and confidant.

And that’s why you had no concerns when you brought up the fact that you sensed the connection between her and Dean.

She took your hand as she shuffled closer to you on the edge of her bed.

“You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you,” she said, squeezing your cold hand.

“I know,” you replied honestly. “But I see the way he looks at you too, Sarah. He’ll be happier with you- I just know it.”

“Y/N, he’s dating you! And he hasn’t broken up with you- It definitely means that he’s still in love with you.”

You shook your head. “I know him. He’s going to stay with me because he feels guilty- after everything we’ve been through, he probably would’ve never thought this would be how we end. But you can’t choose who you love, and he chooses you. I’m going to break up with him tomorrow.”

“That’s not fair, Y/N. You should at least talk to him. See how he feels about the situation.”

“You know he’s not much of a talker. Anyone can easily dissect him through his actions, and let’s face the facts. He’s been pulling away from me two weeks after that vampire hunt- it started small, so small that I barely noticed. At first, he just distanced himself from me, and I know sometimes he does that because he feels bad about things, but he’ll come around. I never pushed him to do anything he doesn’t want to do, but then I saw him in the Impala with you, and that’s when I started noticing the changes. He doesn’t ask me to do things with him anymore, he asks you. He barely talks to me anymore, and if he does, it’s about you. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking about how awesome you are, but it’s just different. It’s irreversible now, Sarah. The damage is done. He’s put a wedge in our relationship that he clearly doesn’t want to remove, so I’m doing him a favour.”

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.” She moved her hand to your cheek. “I really didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“I know. Be good to him, will you?”

“Of course.”

“And if he hurts you, just lemme know, and I’ll kick his ass- after you kick his, of course.” She laughed, tears starting to fall from her eyes. You quickly wiped them away with your thumb. “No, don’t cry. You’re gonna make me cry.” And true to your words, you couldn’t stop the tears from falling either.

“Do you still love him?” Sarah whispered. The room was dark, and you had her head resting on your shoulder as you played with her hair.

“I can’t answer that,” you replied. It was a fact that was hard to swallow, but you would have to do it, for the happiness of two people that you cared about.

The two of you went to bed hugging each other.

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Pressure - Jughead x Reader

A/N: I kind of pushed 2 requests into one, and after this I will be working on Addicted 6, and Endgame 3 :)

Request:Hey 😁 could I please request a jughead x reader where the reader is studying for exams and is working hard/stressed so jughead just sort of looks after her? 

- 73 (I love you, I love you, I love you) 129 (Don’t cry, then I’’m gonna cry and I’m supposed to comfort you) 138 (Because you deserve a happy ending)

Warnings: Swears

Word count: 757

Your parents had always been strict on you, you had to have the best grades, the best GPA, everything you did had to be the best.

They nearly had heart attacks when they found out you weren’t friends with the geeks of Riverdale high, that instead you found yourself spending your time with Jughead Jones, and every now and then his mates.

“Remember, Y/N, If you don’t do well on the exams, you will never get into a good college, which means you won’t get a good job and you’ll be a nobody forever.” your mother said as she put some waffles on your plate.

“Thanks I guess” you replied, “She’s right Y/N, you’ll end up like that Jones boy you hang out with, I hear he was living at the drive in before the Andrews took him in” you dad scoffed, you bit your tongue at the sound of Jughead’s name, you hated when they bashed on him but no matter what you did you couldn’t stop it.

“I don’t see why you surround yourself with that- that filth” you mother said, “That’s it” you yelled, standing from your seat. “Jug is the best person in this town. He helps me study and keep my grades up to your insane expectations, now if you don’t mind, I have a study date with him at Archies. Goodbye” you grabbed your books and walked out of the house, leaving your parents stunned.

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This is for a fic swap with the wonderful @tyranttortoise! It’s some fluff about failed attempts to seduce a certain skele until the reader finally gives up and just confesses how they feel. I will say that it ended up a bit more angsty than I was expecting, so I hope it’s alright!

Pairing: Reader x US! Papyrus

You never understood how someone so flirtatious could be so naive. Here you were, sitting in the darkness together with nothing but the television, a bowl of warm popcorn, and his slim arms wrapped comfortingly around you, and yet, it was as if he didn’t even get it. How could he miss your warm blush pressing against his soft hoodie, or the way you stole glances at him, or the pickup lines you shot in his direction? Just friends. But that’s not what you wanted. You longed for so much more…

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Realize -- Chapter Eleven “The Issue with Coffee”

Sebastian StanxReader

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain … OOOh, I love making people nervous. Here’s Chapter Eleven! :)


@greeneyedgirls4 @kianya-loves

#TeamTom (Sorry you guys, I love you!)

@foureyedsiopao, @frenchfrostpudding, @t-w-hiddlestoner , @moonpoetsasylum,  @marvelbase001

chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six | chapter seven | chapter eight | chapter nine | chapter ten 

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