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Tagged by the cutie @cue-the-hetalia!! Thank you so muuuch :D this one is really interesting tho it’s a bit difficult too since i tend to not listen to a lot of songs from the same artist xD BUT THANK YOU ANYWAY

Rules: Using only songs from one artist, answer these ten questions and tag ten people.

(Thanks god there is an artist in this world that i always loved)

Artist: Phil Collins

What’s your gender? Thunder and Lighting (it’s more the name that the song lmao i couldn’t find any for this one)
Describe yourself: Lo extraño que soy (it’s in spanish ok? but i love it this way)
How do you feel? True Colors
If you could go anywhere? On my way
Favorite mode of transportation? High Flying Angel
Your best friend?  You’ll be in my heart (Tarzan has the best ost of all the disney movies ok?)
Favorite time of day? In The air Tonight
If your life was a TV show? Sussudio (idk why but this song reminds me of a musical so my life would be like a musical of the 80′s with weird hair styles, a lot of pink and pastel colors, neon things … and lesbians)
Relationship status? You can’t hurry love (i love singing this song, that’s why i choosed the one with lyrics xD tho i’m single and i don’t want to be in a relationship)
Your fear? Another day in Paradise

now tagging :D

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i must confess that it was hard to find a song for each one xD i’ve been doing this for an hour now

Let yourself come to a stop.
Bow your head under the stream of broken hymns
pulsing and pulling their ways through
terminals, customs, bagel shops -
you have never seen motion so human.
Not at this hour.

It is 4 AM
and your flight leaves soon.
You wonder if these halls,
catacombs of curvature,
have heard more honest love confessions than chapels.
All the times you wrote sonnets against Metro rails -
does he read them, anymore?

The smell of coffee is strong enough
to keep you from feeling the need
to buy it. You will probably
fall asleep on the plane, cityscape sprawled out
beneath you -

How can you ever expect to hear
when people tell you goodbye
if you don’t look out the window?

—  LAX Lullabye, by Rachel R. Carroll
workout playlist!?

so i’m starting to make my playlist for sunday.

- the hills // the weeknd
- talking body // tove lo
- know yourself // drake (running through the 6 so obviously?!)
- high for this // the weeknd
- glory and gore // lorde 
- often (kygo remix) // the weeknd
- u don’t know // alison wonderland 
- holdin’ on // flume 
- starry eyed (jakwob remix) // ellie goulding
- lean on // major lazer & dj snake ft MØ
- tennis court (flume remix) // lorde 
- firestone // kygo ft conrad sewell
- or nah // ty dolla $ign ft the weeknd, wiz khalifa & DJ mustard
- you know you like it // dj snake & alunageorge
- yellow flicker beat // lorde 

so tell me what is on your playlist!