los campesinos the sea is a good place to think of the future

breakmaki  asked:

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.   LEMME BE YOUR DJ ; accepting !

                OKAY  , since you made me Want To Cry™ earlier:

        01.  BLACK OUT DAYS  : phantogram. 

                         Phantogram is a go-to for me, period, when I want to  feel something  . Their newest album in particular is a hard-hitter, but this is actually from one of their older ones. In terms of Honoka, I could definitely listen to it as a shifting perspective between herself & those around her. 

        02.  THE SEA IS A GOOD PLACE TO THINK OF THE FUTURE : los campesinos !

                                 It isn’t the lyrics or context so much as it is the atmosphere. This is a song I’ve been listening to since I was much, much younger — back when emotions were incredibly hard for me. It made it easier to enter a more pensive, melancholy mood when I really needed to — & I suppose that atmosphere still permeates the song for me whenever I hear it. Something about it just  screams  Honoka to me, even if it’s just that soft, thrumming baseline.

         03.  VIENNA : the fray. 

                                 Similar to number two, it’s more atmospheric than anything else — although I can definitely see the lyrics fitting Honoka no problem. Also I’ll just take any opportunity to endorse my favorite Fray album.

it’s hard. sometimes you’re not ready to be okay, not just yet. and that’s okay. (some music for the hard days that you don’t quite want to get easier.)

eet - regina spektor // ghosts - on an on // idfc - blackbear // december - regina spektor // stressed out - twenty one pilots // is there somebody who can watch you - the 1975 // delicate - damien rice // cannonball - watsky // medicine - daughter // cannonball - damien rice // blue skies - noah and the whale // heart songs - weezer // the sea is a good place to think of the future - los campesinos! // youth - daughter // dead hearts - stars // mr. brightside - run river north // love love love - of monsters and men // blue ocean floor - justin timberlake // blush - wolf alice // blame-qui - gregory and the hawk // disjointed - copeland // michigan - the milk carton kids // ambitions - erato // i was wrong - capsule // worry - jack garratt // pirouette - made in heights //


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