los caballeros templarios


This is a doctor from my state, Michoacán - México, who have had enough of attending minor girls pregnant (many of them weren’t even 16) on acts of rape perpetuated by members of the drug cartel “Los Caballeros Templarios” (the drug cartel who took the place of  “La Familia”). Since the past year this man reunited a lot of villagers and formed what he called “Las Autodefensas”, a group of people fighting in arms against one of the most powerful drug cartels of México to stop these acts on inhuman violence. This cartel go to houses and business to force the peolpe to give them money each week or month or whenever they want, they steal properties, kidnap kids to make them part of the cartel, etc.

This man José Manuel Mireles and 83 of his companions were took prisioners today by hundreds of policemen and soldiers, why?, why the government didn’t do this operative to capture the boss of Los Caballeros Templarios a.k.a La Tuta and his people instead?.

Because in México the goverment works “under the table” shoulder to shoulder with the drug cartels, the goverment is protecting La Tuta and Los Caballeros Templarios. We are losing this war against the drug cartels because they are being protected by the ones who should be protecting us.

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Communitary police of Aquila, Michoacán - México

Recently a “communitary police” has formed in Aquila, a town of my state, with the objetive to protect the people against the “The Templar Knights”, the drug cartel who took the place of what it was “La Familia Michoacana”, isn’t the first communitary police, this happens when the local police don’t give a shit for defending the people for being robbed, raped and killed by them. They, The Templar Knights, go to your shop, your restaurant, to your house or whatever, if you don’t give to them what the say to you, which can be money, your car, your house, etc, YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD, they shoot you right in the moment and you’re lucky if they don’t kill your entire family.

Right now, the situation of violence in Michoacán it’s unbelievable, in 30 days, 48 deaths have been registered; 2 marines, 7 federal police men, 10 civilians and 29 criminals. Also 31 police men have been hurt.

It’s a fucking hell here.