los book tour


Chris Colfer leaving The Bookloft signing 7-28-12. 

Okay, so I was at Chris’ book signing in Columbus today. There was a huge Tumblr meetup at Starbucks (and then I also met a bunch of really awesome people in line and I’ll be going on a following spree!!!!). 

Once we lined up and the bookstore people got us situated (which involved following a worker with a sign around to the back of the store), we made small talk until it was time to head in. They were giving away LOS bags and I WON one of them and it’s so pretty. 

We headed inside and I squealed. We’d discussed what color shirt he was wearing (most of thought blue) and we were so wrong (red/white checked). 

He signed to a deaf girl in front of me and then when it was my turn, we both said hi and he asked how I was and I said I was good and that I loved the book and read it about two hours because I couldn’t put it down. He was very excited and said that was sweet and thanks and then went “Who was your favorite character?" 

I told him it was Goldilocks and we discussed her for a moment and IT WAS SO AWESOME BECAUSE I HAD AN ACTUAL CONVERSATION WITH HIM OMG. 

and then I took my one picture (actually, I took it twice) and then we all went outside and freaked out. 

IT WAS AMAZING. He’s so nice. 

So much fun was had meeting you rad folk, hearing your stories, answering your questions and hanging out with you that we decided to add some more dates, and Soon! Set your calendars, tell your friends, cause if you don’t I am going to feel mighty silly talking to myself and an empty room haha.

Hope to meet you all on the road in February!
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Thank you to every single one of you who came out to @barnesandnoble at The Grove last night. What a fun night and I am told they completely sold out which is just flattering and silly and rad. I am sure there were cooler ways to fill your Friday nights. Nevertheless, it means the world to me, and I am so happy I got to hear Your stories.

Heading to Austin now, to do it all over again.

Columbus Book Signing Info.

In addition to the info in this post, I called them and found out there will be NO admittance to anyone who is not buying a book. If you have people coming with you, they will not be allowed in unless they buy the book. When you buy your book you will get a numbered ticket and this will be your place in line. You can pick up your book and your ticket anytime after the book has been released, but this will not change your ticket number. He’s going to be signing near the City Park entrance (whatever that means, this place is huge, it’s got wings for goodness sake). They have apparently changed their stance on photos, saying he may or may not pose for them and it’s up to him. Phone calls to reserve your pre-order will begin on Monday.