los arcos hotel

We’ve been looking for a small house/apartment in Taxco, but the locals almost always transfer their real estate to family or locals rather than letting outsiders have a crack at it.  The process is an odyssey, complete with gorgon worthy looks that the real estate people give to the bolillo girls who ask about fixer uppers for sale.  .  Until then we stay in Hotel Los Arcos, a five minute walk to the Zócalo, aka the public square at the center of town.  The hotel was built in 1572 as a monastery and  at the end of a day spent running those hills in that heat, trying to remember Spanish words for “clasp” or “deadlines” you need a place to retreat….or study your Spanish, or pray or all of the above, and this works. So does the ice cold canned Tecate from the Oxxo across from the cathedral.