los angeles snow mountains


Clouds barely peak over the mountains and flood out over Big Bear Lake, California

Hello may i please request a family ship for bts? 

Apartment or House: House
Boy or Girl (future child): Girl
Favorite City: Los Angeles 
Favorite Location: Mountains with Snow (I never seen or feel the snow so it’s a dream right now :-) )
Where you want to travel too: Japan or Korea
Favorite style of fashion: Casual/Comfy, yet it’s stylish
Favorite Animal: Wolf
Favorite Song: Brother my Brother  By: Blessid Union of Souls
Favorite Color: Light blue (sky blue)
Favorite Ship from the group you requested: Vkook or SugaMon 
Send me another girl and boy group than you requested and your biases out of these groups: Kara: Jiyoung and Shinhwa: Eric Mun
Favorite Flower: Roses


I ship you with Namjoon

You and Namjoon meet on the streets of Los Angeles when you both weren’t looking where you were going. He immediately apologized and that’s when you two exchanged numbers starting the wonderful friendship you two started. A few months later you both started dating and kept it a secret for a very long time because BigHit wanted it to be quiet. One year later Namjoon took you to the mountains on a special vacation for you to see the snow and while you were admiring the snow he had dropped down to his knee asking you to marry him. Two years later you both tied the knot dancing the night away with Jiyoung and Eric. It took you both a little bit to have a child but four years later you both welcomed your baby girl Olivia to the world.


ok, i’m a little bit ashamed. see, i found myself at this amazing house and all i had was my cameraphone. or phonecamera. a camera in a phone. as opposed to a camera without a phone. which is seeming kind of anachronistic at this point.

ok, some context. i was in silver lake and i went to go visit a producer friend of mine at his house. i’d never been to his house, so i worked under the assumption he lived in a nice, normal house.

oh, but no. he lived (and lives) in a palace. this beautiful rambling palace overlooking the reservoir and the mountains in the distance. it felt like northern italy, if you pretend that silver lake reservoir glinting through the trees is some very small part of lake como.

no one’s sure if this was a silent film stars palace or a chewing gum magnate’s palace. but it’s a beautiful palace in the middle of silver lake with snow covered mountains in the distance (my iphone camera wasn’t up to the task of taking pictures of snow covered mountains in the distance, sorry).



Excellently shot nature and travel video throughout Canada and the U.S. Spectacular waterfall shots, forest shots, particularly from overhead, an amazing color in Moraine Lake, mountains, deserts, badlands, and a city view or two. I think it’s pretty much all drone footage - spectacularly captured and edited.

The first Otomouvie in Santa Fe, Santa Fe to California, on Water Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photographer: J.E. Quatsoe
Date: 1905
Negative Number 011396

I couldn’t easily find a news item for this event, but I did find a record of another long automobile trip going the other direction, from California through Santa Fe. These news clips are from Albuquerque that year:


About Wednesday, December 20 [1905], two daring automobilists in a sixteen-horse power touring car are due to reach Albuquerque, on one of the most remarkable “devil wagon” trips ever undertaken. The eyes of the entire motoring world will be fixed on these two men and their machine as they leave Los Angeles, cross the great American desert and the huge uplift of the Continental divide, and spin on clear across the continent to New York.

Experts have declared it impossible for an automobile to cross the sandy wastes of California, Arizona and New Mexico, but these bold chauffeurs are determined to show the experts a thing or two. Their arrival in Albuquerque will be awaited with interest.

The automobile is the Reo Mountaineer of New York city, and the men are Percy F. Megargel, of the Buffalo Automobile club and American Motor League, and David F. Fassett, an expert mechanic from the Reo factory at Lansing, Mich. Megargel has twice driven an automobile across the continent, and has equipped the Reo car with every appliance that two years of almost continuous touring through unknown regions has suggested. Both he and Fassett are men accustomed to roughing it, and perfectly fearless. Will they succeed? is the question asked by every automobilist who reads the automobile publications and has followed the adventures of the Reo Mountaineer on its trip from New York to Los Angeles. If they fall to conquer the desert, they will have done what numerous others have; if they succeed they will demonstrate that the auto can go where even the horse cannot follow.

The car that will be used on this hazardous undertaking is the same stock Reo that left New York city last August, bringing the two men and their seven hundred pounds of baggage across the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and California. It has run in all something like 7,000 miles, but an examination of the engine and running gear shows that it is still good for the several thousand miles of sandy desert, snow-clad mountain and lava roads that separate Los Angeles from the New York metropolis.


Chicago, Dec. 19 [1905]. A dispatch from Flagstaff. Ariz., says that two transcontinental automobiles carrying Perry F. Megargee, of New York, and David F. Fassett, of Lansing, Mich., are lost in the deep snow in the mountains west of here, and the automobilists have not been heard of since last Friday, when they left Williams for Flagstaff. A relief expedition with food, blankets and shovels started yesterday in the midst of a blinding snow storm. Other parties are hunting for other men lost in the mountains. 


Gallup, N. M., Jan. 12 [1906]. The automobile driven by Percy Megargle and David Fassett, is in the quicksands near Aztec, Ariz. After being warned to keep away from the Rio Puerco ford, the tourists attempted to cross on the frozen ground. The crust broke and the automobile sank. The men finally got to solid ground, but the car sank to the headlights. It has not yet been pulled out.