los angeles national forest,


Clouds parting to reveal the radio and TV antennae on top of Mt. Wilson, San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest, California.

As we continued on, we began to see the road below us—and felt both accomplishment and sadness. We both knew we wanted more of this. More nature. More adventure. More true togetherness. This quick, overnight trip was what sparked our love for backpacking, heightened our love for hiking, and strengthened our bond together. This was the beginning of a beautiful thing.


Dallas on his first hike:

After 3 miles of uphill Dallas decided that a nap was much more important than enjoying the view. On a cloudy day there’s not much to see anyway… The day was cold so we had to cut his nap short and tired paws means someone has to carry him back to the car.

We just recently went back to Potato Mountain and this time Dallas was not missing the view.