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And her name sounded like music when he spoke it.
—  Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

“I play Magic cards with my drug dealer” J-Dog.

Our new interview with Hollywood Undead is out now!

I’ve seen this amazing walkway a million times and had no idea where it was… today while on spring break in Los Angeles, I went to the upstairs of the Last Bookstore and rounded the corner to find this beauty! the Last Bookstore is such an incredible place. if you ever find yourself in LA, be sure to stop by!

Is this idea for a dystopian setting believable: 

  • a massive region gripped by Dust Bowl drought
  • 8% of all electricity goes to libertarian rebel pot farmers
  • a techno-elite is pushing urban poor out of their own neighborhoods
  • the auto industry polluted a megacity by killing its public transit
  • an Austrian robot (see below) ruled it for eight years

THIS WEEK: we give Florida a break and take a look at the dark history of the Golden State. Jack O'Brien is joined by Cracked editors Dan O'Brien and Robert Evans as they discuss the state’s unexpectedly high murder rate, its burgeoning marijuana industry, and why, since 1848, it’s seduced millions into thinking they can get rich quick.

Why California Is Secretly Evil

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