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Think I read earlier u r a runner & **felt S&C are a couple based on the fact he would stop his LA marathon run to chat w her.** She's run a 10k herself. So she'd know what stopping might poss'ly be like. I'm not a runner. I know ur POV may not be like S's. But what exactly convinced u bc ur husband wouldn't expect u to stop in the middle of a race? Would u have stopped if he was instead ur beau?

There’s a huge difference between running a 10K and a marathon (6 mi vs. 26 mi)  Although both can be equally taxing physically, one is essentially more mental than physical.  I’m not going to tell you that 6 miles is easy but Sam is a relatively seasoned marathon runner so I would be comfortable in saying he probably can do a 10K in his sleep. 

Sam stopped to chat with Cait during the middle of the race, around the 14 mile mark in the middle of a very, very, unseasonably hot day in Los Angeles.  Even he was wary about it, expressing concern during Paley.  Runners risk major injury when you stop in the middle of a race, your heart rate drop considerably (Sam’s real fit so it probably took <1 min to get him out of the zone), your muscles starts to cool down so you have a higher risk of cramps (which can be very painful), and dehydration sets quickly.  Hopefully Cait had something for him to drink.

My husband is also a runner so he knows exactly what happens if you stop so he would never expect me to.  He has watched me race while we dated and not once have I stopped- just wave, smiled, and continued on. Too big of a risk. Would I think he would do the same if it was other people rooting him on?  I don’t know.  Maybe, maybe not.  But tbh, looking at the photos he was incredibly over the moon to see Cait cheering him.  I mean, he looked super giddy about the whole deal.  Goo-goo-gah-gah giddy.

Side note:  Sam did not run out of his way to see Caitriona.  Races have a predetermined path to accommodate traffic and has to meet certain requirements to be considered a real race.  In fact, it was Cait who made more of the attempt to see Sam.  I’m more than positive she was tracking him, waiting for the exact moment for him to pass by to support him.  It was she who went out of her way not the other way around.