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Friendly Guide for IDK Fans

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me
Upcoming 2017 tour dates! (All confirmed.)

7/28 - AMPLYFi, Los Angeles, CA (all ages)
-tickets on sale via AMPLYFi.com, $10

8/23 - Viper Room, Los Angeles, CA (21+)
-tickets not yet available

8/24 - Beauty Bar, Las Vegas, NV (21+)
-tickets available on ticketbat.com, $8

8/25 - Velour, Provo, UT (all ages)
-tickets not yet available

8/26 - Jazzy’s Java, St. George, UT (all ages)
-tickets not yet available

9/01 - AMPLYFi, Los Angeles, CA (all ages)
-tickets not yet available

Make Happy Tour Age Limits + Prices

Here is all the information I was able to find about the Make Happy Tour age limits at each venue based on their websites. If you are going to one of the shows listed as “unknown”, I’d suggest calling the venue to find out about age limits. Most appear to be all ages. Also, as a heads up, most of the tickets at the various venues were listed around $35. -AJ

EDIT: I will be updating this as I get more info! 

  • Vancouver, BC: all ages
  • Seattle, WA: unknown, appears to be all ages
  • Portland, OR: minors under 21 with parent or legal guardian
  • San Francisco, CA: all ages
  • Los Angeles, CA: all ages
  • San Diego:all ages
  • Boulder, CO: all ages
  • Austin, TX: unknown
  • Dallas, TX: unknown
  • Houston, TX: unknown
  • New Orleans, LA: unknown
  • Kansas City, MO: unknown
  • Milwaukee, WI: all ages
  • Chicago, IL: all ages
  • Royal Oak, MI: unknown
  • Durham, NC: unknown
  • Atlanta, GA: all ages
  • Orlando, FL: all ages
  • Buffalo, NY: unknown
  • Toronto, ON: all ages
  • London, ON: unknown
  • Indianapolis, IN: unknown
  • St. Louis, MO: all ages 

Jeff, where did you go?
In your experimental rock band out there in the distant past, you had songs about being stuck in bad conversations and parking in strange places.

“It wasn’t that they were odd places–
It was just more that
You wouldn’t expect to see someone PARKED there.”

You had music that was catchy and weird enough, in your hard-hitting trio of rock sound that was taking the midwest by storm. You played shows with the bands I wanted to see, but rarely had the cash to make it all the way to Los Angeles where a fifteen year old girl was waiting for an all-ages gig. As I was the only one, I couldn’t blame you or your compatriots. You released albums and somehow I got them all, after a healthy amount of scrounging for free songs to download before the days of YouTube. It would take me an hour to get each song and it was worth it when I heard what I got.

“It’s not easy being happy
and we’ll both be made fun of.”

What really stood out was the lyrics that I was hearing within the music, when I finally got around to listening and looking them up. I spent entire nights reading the sloppily-typed, disorganized mess of lyrics that were posted in one big block on your website, and reading was the best part of it. I’d never seen words get so drowned out in songs, but you could read these words like poetry parsed in meter and beauty. They made sense all at once, they told stories cleanly and plainly with no background. You saw the actors and the actions, but it could have been anywhere at all.

“Born in a small place.
The world was as large as I
could get my legs to take me
so it stayed small.”

I read them aloud to my theatre classes like monologues, swept away in the words and the way they punched right through me. With dreams of playing music like that on a small stage at 10pm in a tiny club, before I realized I was better with stories than bass strings, and before I realized that what set this band apart was not the music of it at all.

“She’s making a sound
Like if she said what she wants to
It’d really creep me out.
….She’s kinda creepin’ me out.”

The stage wasn’t even off the floor of the all-ages venue in Anaheim. A very nice gal sold me cds, a shirt and a sticker even though the group themselves were elsewhere. The “bar” area was all candy and soda, like an awkward grocery store, and I nearly bought original flavor Bubble Yum because Jeff had mentioned it in his blog the month before. The show had ended and I was shooting glances at the merch table, wanting to go say hello, but I was seventeen and not alone for once. I just stayed where I was and watched, and left.

“So I guess I’m off to find myself–
Or at least someone who looks like me”

Your band broke up, around the same time all the other bands did too, but I emailed you specifically. Twice as I recall, to tell you how excited I was to see where else you would go. Please keep creating, I said. I’m not sure if anyone saw it at all, I didn’t get a reply either time, about a year apart.
And then you just disappeared, Jeff.

“So I guess I’m finally
Finally off to find me
Or finally fine to off me
Yes there’s a difference

The site stayed up for a while and then it went away, but there were archive sites where I could still look up the lyrics (even though I had saved most of them somewhere) and then one day they weren’t there either. The owner had requested that the archives be taken down.
Why would that happen?

“Your loaded words
Carelessly fired off without thought…
And what’s wrong with that?
Each bullet word, it hits someone.”

Jeff, I dont even know what you look like anymore, your pictures all wore sunglasses and I closed my eyes during your show. I couldn’t identify you on the street if I passed, I don’t even know where in the world you’re living or if you’re alive. The last news thing I saw about you was from ten years ago.

“For years I tried to gain your favor
And it all was lost on you.
I don’t know a thing about you

I’ve searched your name a hundred times, looking for new band listings or solo albums, or books for sale on Amazon, anything at all. You just disappeared. Nobody seems to know you anymore, nobody speaks of the things you’re doing, but how can that be? Even if you had died, there’d be something. Someone who cared. But you’ve gone back and deleted the things we knew about you and faded away. In this world of reconnection and bravery, you are like a ghost.

“Your heavy words are nothing to the sincerity in this reply.
and you will know
and you will hurt
and you’ll know why.”

Who were you anyway? This man in the band, sitting close and sweetly by the girl at the table, or the guy in the photo booth with his sunglasses on, the singer who changed his identity to tell stories about the world. I wish I could be half of what you are, or see whatever it is you’re doing. I know there are words in you, where do they go? Do you put them on paper, whistle them out under your breath when nobody’s listening?
Because I would listen.

“And the look on your face screamed
I’ve been here for you all this time!”

If you published your journal, I would buy five. If you wrote lyrics on a napkin, I’d save the picture. But I can’t stand that you might be out there and not creating, when after ten years I’ve found nobody who can do it like you.

“I heard a white lie
There’ll be better times than these.
Lead shoes and high tide?
There is no better time!”

Maybe this new social environment wouldn’t suit you, but I don’t believe it. Even your friends are back on tour somewhere, and their fans are older and still there to see them. We’re still thinking about you, Jeff. We’re still wondering. Maybe you’ve forgotten how great you really are, but somewhere in me there’s a fifteen year old who doubts she will ever be as great as the people whose songs she listens to.
“I tried my best, then I tried harder
And that’s when things got their worst yet.
I know some things, I’ll try to remember
And I know some things, I’ll forget.”

Oh! My God!! Harajuku Girl / Chapter 5, Part 3: "Work"

  I love fan mail so much I explode  

Lately, people in town have been saying hi to me a lot. It’s not just junior high/high school students either: the other day I had an elementary school kid, a business man, and a housewife-looking lady tell me that they read my blog. I’m so happy! Really happy.

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