los angelas kings

Teams Who Didn't Make The Playoffs: What To Look Forward To Next Season:
  • Boston Bruins: Probably the playoffs because yall literally are the Bruins and you'll be back in it next year.
  • Dallas Stars: Jamie Benn.
  • Los Angelas Kings: Jonathan Quick.
  • Florida Panthers: The potential to start being a playoff caliber team, oh and Jagr let's not forget about the forty-three year old monster.
  • San Jose Sharks: making it into the playoffs... and choking.
  • Columbus Blue Jacket: awesome up and coming fan base!
  • Colorado Avalanche: Gabe.
  • Philadelphia Flyers: I'm not sure about this one.
  • New Jersey Devils: another season of low scoring and defense!
  • Carolina Hurricanes: Eric, Jordan, Cam, and Jeff.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: Steve Dangle!
  • Edmonton Oilers: Hopkins & Hall
  • Arizona Coyotes: people finally realizing that you are the "ARIZONA" coyotes now!
  • Buffalo Sabres: moving up the standings!