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GH history lesson:

General hospital did a flashback Friday on Instagram in honor of buffy the vampire slayer being 20yrs old, where they stated that Emma Caulfield was once on gh. Many comments on the post were people confused and not remembering her. Well have no fear I did some digging and I got the scoop.

Emma played lorraine miller. Imdb says she was only in 39 eps during 1996 and 1997. But in my digging I found she was only on during fall/winter 1997, according to the yt clips. Because there is little to no mention of lorraine on goggle, I just spent 2hours watching old gh clips to figure out her storyline and what went down during that time period.

Warning: this is long. Which is crazy for just 39 eps.

Lorraine miller was in the same nursing program that Carly was in. Carly dropped out but lorraine graduated and started working at mercy hospital. Carly at this point in time is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is. Tony or aj. She desperately wants it to be tony. No one at this time knows she is bobbie’s daughter. Well luke knows and he keeps reminding her. He kept quiet to protect bobbie. Anyways, Carly knew Aj would want the baby if he knew it was his. So she told him the baby was due in December and told tony it was due in January. Aj demanded a sonogram and proof the baby wasn’t his for him to keep quiet about them sleeping together while Carly and Tony were on a break.

Carly calls up lorraine who barely remembers Carly. Only that she didn’t like her and that Carly dropped out. Carly in inlists lorraine’s help to switch the date on the sonogram to fool Aj. It works… Ish. She lies to tony about there ever bring a sonagram. Bobbie hears from aj and tony carly has 2 different due dates and Tony backs Carly up but starts to get suspicious. Aj also gets suspicious. He figures it out. Lorraine keeps blackmailing Carly for money. They scheme to cover their lies with more lies. Once Aj figures out the baby could be his, he demands Carly not marry tony until the baby is born and there is a paternity test. Carly tries to marry tony anyways, Aj catches her and from all the stress Carly has some early contractions and ends up in gh. Lorraine visits and instead of money she asks for Carly to get tony to get her a job at gh. At first tony says yes. Then he visits her at mercy and asks questions about Carly. Lorraine covers for Carly. But she slips up and tells tony the big secret is that the baby is a boy. Tony demands to see the sonogram but as Carly and lorraine scheme to get another fake sonogram, Tony discovers the real one and he questions why lorraine lied about it being a boy when you can’t see that on the sonogram. Carly piles on more lies. Tony asks to see lorraine to talk about her working at gh. Instead he questions her about carly. Lorraine covers again but it’s too late. Tony doesn’t think he loves Carly anymore and they fight over Jason. Tony plans to fight for sole custody and Carly then claims the baby is jasons. Tony believes her and the Qs and Aj are also convinced. Carly tells Jason the whole truth about bobbie and how Aj and Tony both wanted to take her baby so she told tony it was jasons.

The last I can find of lorraine is she walks into gh and talks to carly. She still wants Carly to help get her a job at gh but she warns Carly that tony is questioning her. More of Carly’s past than the baby. Carly talks to her about Jason, foreshadowing Carly saying Jason is the father. After that is when Carly learns of Tony wanting sole custody and she tells him it’s jasons.

Btw: the top left pic is her first appearance and the bottom right is her last (that I could find)


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