lorraine mclees

“I remember looking at comics before I could read. I could pretty much figure out what was going on, but once I figured out how the letter combinations formed words, it got even more interesting.”

– Lorraine McLees, Bungie Studios

Part of the very insightful Foreword in the first Halo graphic novel titled, insofar as I know, The Halo Graphic Novel. Knowing how much she wanted for the comics to fit the in-universe canon and feel like a natural extension, rather than something done cheaply for quick profits, was really quite moving.

“In the same manner that Bungie makes games that they themselves want to play, we wanted a comic that we wanted to look at and read. Something that would inspire us; a book that would be a great example of sequential art, not unlike those old comics we all loved, the comics that had driven me to pursue a career in art.”

I would like to see more of this attitude in the games industry, as well. Plenty of Indie developers have it, and even some of the AAA devs do, too. It’s just a shame that publishers and investors get in the way of those visions.