It’s fucking scary how the idea of suicide is the most appealing thing in the world right now and I don’t even care if it’s selfish anymore. I want out.
—  Lornamayy {I’m trying}

Had a fucking amazing weekend as always now. I get to spend every weekend with my other half and it just makes me happy how I get to see her 4 days a week :). Not only that but we have watched 41 episodes of community over the weekend… MY GOD THAT SHOW IS AWESOME.

Congratulations To...

My absolute all for getting a conditional offer from derby uni the same day she had her interview :). Prouddddd of her.


Watching scary films with my lass… Woman in black… “YOU FUCKING KNOB!” and “Stop it Daniel!!!!!” pissing myself with laughter rather than fright.

Beard back in the swing of things. Just for the other half ;), 7 days remaining until quite possibly the best two weeks of my life :).