lorna08 replied to your postI’m conflicted about getting GTW digitally or…

What’s GTW? By the way, if you get the digital version with Origin (if we’re talking about a game that’s available there) you won’t lose it. You can even download it on another computer and sign in with your username

GTW = Get to Work, a Sims 4 EP. I know you can’t loose the origin stuff in the origin, but if I loose my password ( which I seem to do a lot ) that might be an issue.

lorna08 replied to your post: Hi, I love your blog. I’m curious about the satanist belief. I can’t deny that I was a little put-off when you posted something about it. I grew up in a very roman catholic family, but I am not a devoted catholic myself. I read the passage that you posted and it has me curious about it. Can you give me a little more info on this ideology?

Satan comes from the bible, no? Why would you be an atheist and belong to a said “church or satan”? Your description sounds like something I would relate to but I wouldn’t call myself a satanist. I don’t believe in “Satan”. (my thoughts)

It’s not like that at all, they don’t believe in “satan” as a being, it’s just a term. I suggest reading some of the stuff on that site if you want to know more about what satanism really is ;) And also, again, I never claimed to be a satanist, I’m just learning about it and am intrigued by it.