Avengers 2

So I heard Loki isn’t in avengers 2…..

not in avengers 2….

Then I searched and confirmed he is not in avengers 2….

I can’t even right now  - it means he probably dies in Thor 2

Loki was why I was so excited for this f'in movie - there are just not enough gifs to express. 


“Damn you Loki!” standing infront of him. Your supposed-to-be the love of your life. Was now in Asguard prison. For trying to take over Asguard, trying to take over the planet earth. You haven’t talked to Lorki since you learned what he did to his father. Trying to kill his own father, trying to kill his brother Thor. Then attacking the simple minded planet of earth.
Thor had to escort down with you. you weren’t trusted even those you vowed your loyalty to ordin. And Asguard. You didn’t approve of anything Lorki did. Thor believed you. The king… Not so much.
Thor stood quietly behind you. You stepped closer to the prison seeing Lorki looked perfectly fine. Not a hair out of place. He was at ease. Sitting on a chair reading a book You on the other hand have been questioned for hours, your home destroyed to see if you were connected with Loki. In any of his plans. I Seeing him like this. Locked up and perfectly at ease it made your skin boil. To prove your royality to ordin and the future king of Asguard you were going to do something horrible. You were going to use Loki’s own illusions on him. And once the illusion was done. You were to be sent to earth in exile. This was your last time seeing him.
“I hate you!!! I wish I never meet you.” The words were fake. But after days of fearing your doom. You felt betrayed. Lorki did all these horrible things without telling you anything. For days you. Debuted if he truly loved you. He didn’t flinch as you spoke. Lorki stayed leaning against the far wall reading a book.watching him at ease he didn’t care. That you were screaming at him. Or that you were cursed him. Thor had enough. He pulled his blade out stabbing you in the back. Well the fake you. Loki screamed instantly no. Your vision of him disappear.
But you heard his screams it made you flinch as two guards carried you away. Hearing Lorki screams he was heartbroken. Lorki could never learn you were alive. The last thing you ever said to him was hateful. Now you had to live with that. A life without Lorki.
“ I’ll kill you! For killing her!” Hearing Lorki curse loudly at Thor you were dragged away before you destroyed the plan


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