Cassiopeia - a sim for Ladysimaholic’s Bachelor challenge 

Here’s my somewhat attempt at a SciFi themed sim,and uh..Well,I tried.Besides,SciFi isn’t always high-tech or purple skin,right? Sometimes there’s a third eye involved too :V

Idk about a backstory for this sim,because everytime I’m thinking about something alien/SciFi related,there’s always the same thing popping in my head: a princess from some deserted planet,lol.Yeah,I’m into fetishes like that apparently,huehuehue //chokes

Anyway,if Ladysimaholic is willing to accept such a backstory UvU;; I’m so sorry,love,I deserve punishment for my lack of imagination.

Open for public download,so everyone can grab and run.Let’s wish Cassi much much luck with the Bachelor challenge first,though //sob.I hope she is indeed as lucky as her trait suggests and manages to win that hot mama Gylan’s heart!

The download link is below,.sim file and almost all CC included inside~

Not included: Eyelashes by S-club,sliders,and the formal dress

EDIT: A BIG thank you to Nitemisims for finding the link to the dress! <33 Download it here



*~*   SCIFI Bachelor Challenge!  *~*

I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time and ITF gives me the motivation to do so. I haven’t had a bachelor challenge so I am excited. The rules are pretty much the same as my other challenges but with a few twists. 

The Bachelor: Gyan P’Lorke

I’ve had Gylan for quite some time and with the release if ITF I think it is about time he got his time in the spot light he deserves. He does have a full fledged bio because he was meant for a challenge earlier this year. If you are interested into finding more about him and his species you can find it here. >>>Bio<<<<

–His college days are over and he is now looking for love!–


YA Female
Scifi Alien inspired

Which means Skin, Contacts and Makeup are all fine.
Unique Eyes (Contacts are ok)
No Accessories like Horns, lashes etc ( I apologize since i know this can be limiting but I promised my husband I won’t abuse his computer lol!!!)
Bio is not required but if you feel the need to write one who am I to stop you lol!
Supernaturals are okay too if you feel the need to use those lifeforms. (But please make them look scifi-ish?)
Be creative have fun!
.SIM only.
If you use CC include or link please TY! ♥

I have Sliders, Nraas, All EPs/SPs except KPST, Decades, Movie Stuff and ITF (;_;)

I don’t know what the limit of girls will be. I’ll adjust based on interest. I also haven’t set a finite deadline since I want those joining to make their young ladies awesome.

Need help finding some Alien Stuff? I have finally set up a portion of my resources right >>>>HERE<<<< This list is definitely a WIP. 

*~*Message me if you interested. For me to see your girl tag me Ladysimaholic or LorkeBC and I will find you! ;3 ♥♥♥ *~*

Meet Vassa Gossamer! She’s my contestant for Ladysimaholic’s SciFi bachelor challenge!

The only bit of backstory I have for her is that she comes from a large family.

CC List

Skin | Contacts | Lipstick | Eyeliner (#02) | Eyeshadow

Hair | Sandals

Her everyday dress is from the store and is included.

Everything else is from the BG or expansions - I used BG Conversions for her formal dress and her outerwear pants, so hopefully they’ll work….

download - private

(also - I apparently have her life state set to witch… I don’t care if you change that, I didn’t notice till I was taking screenshots of her)

Apollo Light for Ladysimaholic BC

Sorry for being late in making her.

_________________________________________________________ Apollo is a sweet and caring girl. But its hard for her to show it because she is very shy. Living on a planet made mostly of water she doesn’t go on land much. Her dream is to live on the land, where she can have a normal life. She wants to find the man of her dreams and have a big family. Lets hope her shyness doesn’t get the best of her.

Mr and Mrs Gyan P'Lorke

Xalia, was the clear winner since the beginning. She was the only girl to reach romantic interest and one of two girls that had an automatic attraction hearts with him. Luna Orion and Rai came in second and third. 

Thank you to everyone who joined my challenge. I love you all. Congratulations to DIvadoom!♥ Thank you sweets, you have made my sweet little Gyan so very happy!!!