Mr and Mrs Gyan P'Lorke

Xalia, was the clear winner since the beginning. She was the only girl to reach romantic interest and one of two girls that had an automatic attraction hearts with him. Luna Orion and Rai came in second and third. 

Thank you to everyone who joined my challenge. I love you all. Congratulations to DIvadoom!♥ Thank you sweets, you have made my sweet little Gyan so very happy!!! 

Apollo Light for Ladysimaholic BC

Sorry for being late in making her.

_________________________________________________________ Apollo is a sweet and caring girl. But its hard for her to show it because she is very shy. Living on a planet made mostly of water she doesn’t go on land much. Her dream is to live on the land, where she can have a normal life. She wants to find the man of her dreams and have a big family. Lets hope her shyness doesn’t get the best of her.


Elimination challenge: Waffles.

With Luna safe in the hotub with Gyan, The rest of the girls had to cook. Apollo and Rai had set fire to their stoves which meant that they would be automatically be placed in the bottom.

I wanted everyone to finish so I tried a second meal which was mac and cheese. The second round Rai did better but some of the other girls didn’t. Rosalee set fire to her stove and nearly killed team one so i figured it was a good time to stop and just tally the results….

please excuse my sad excuse for a challenge room lol…