I’m Lori Lynn from Houston Texas. I’m a size 20 at the moment. Almost all my life I have been quite different than everyone else, not only in personality but in size as well. When I got to High school I decided that I would use that to make me who I am today. Trust me after you get out of High school, it get’s better! I do struggle with my weight but no one looks at me as the “fat chick” I have become more confident about myself over the years and that has changed me completely. I’m not saying that I don’t still have self esteem issues, because everybody does whether they’d like to admit it or not.

For Halloween I decided to wear what all the “Other girls” wore and this is what I looked like, I was so happy and strutting my stuff. Learn to love your curves and deal with your double chins and silly stretch marks, don’t change your body just because the “world” says it’s the right thing to do. Become healthy and live a happy life. Stay strong! You’re beautiful<3

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