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oh hey youre into mtg! my buddies recently got me into it but im so lost lmao. do you have any tips for a beginner?? (friends keep saying that my black/blue deck is good but idk how to use it well)

Believe it or not I’m about as new to Magic as you are when it comes to actually playing. I’m here for the lore and the art while also hoarding the cards, whoops

Anyone here have some solid advice for new MtG players to help out our anon?

Fantastic Beasts really won me over. I’d worried Newt was going to be a ‘smartarse character’ but instead he’s just an enthusiastic lamb who deserves good things. 

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age: 20
zodiac: virgo
b day: 9/3/1967
gender: female
blood type: AB
laterality: right-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: panromantic/pansexual
yaoi type: switch*
hobby(ies): singing, cheerleading, cooking, baking
personality: what ppl today would refer to today as, “the typical white girl”, but not the prissy type of bitch that drinks nothing but starbucks and won’t get off snapchat (cough). while constantly being spoiled by popularity and the good life, she’s one of the kindest ppl you’d ever meet. not to mention peppy and bubbly. cassidy really enjoys cheerleading, dancing, gymnastics, and meals out. on top of that, she’s a very serious student and college junior. she has a lot of crushes, but is mainly focused on fredrick (toy freddy), yet she doesn’t know that he feels the same way about her.

DS by me

age: 25
zodiac: capricorn
height/weight: 5'10"/ 149 lbs. b day: 12/31/1962
gender: male
blood type: A
laterality: left-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: biromantic/demisexual
yaoi type: seme
hobby(ies): singing, reading, studying
personality: practicallythattypicalhonorsstudent
overachieverandknowitallthatdonttakeshitfromnobody. fredrick is a smart ((but arrogant, and at times, immature)) college graduate, that all the girls flaunt over, and acts like he’s too good for anyone. but not the positive type. he doesn’t take lightly to insults, can get angry quite easily, and will hold on to problems, which are some of his biggest weaknesses. he has many secrets like how he crushes hard on casidy and has a giant soft-spot for small animals. especially birds. he’s pretty flamboyant as well, which is something he doesn’t much care to hide. and he will sass the shit out of you, so just be cool about it

DS by me

“Commander,” Kaidan leaned closer, pressing his body into the edge of the mattress. Shepard’s chest heaved with a deep breath when Kaidan’s eyes locked with his, the rough feel of the blade slowly scraping down his face. “Are you flirting with me?”

“If you have to ask…” Shepard grinned.
-The Difference between the Sea and the Sky, Chapter 62


finally! I can show this commission of Ben and Kaidan from @mrgamblinman! I have waited so long… I’m not above a little shameless hurt/comfort shaving smut, and neither are Kaidan and Shepard.

Thank you so much! It’s great!

age: 35
zodiac: sagittarius
height/weight: 6’ 1"/ 119 lbs
b day: 11/30/1952
gender: female
blood type: ???
laterality: ambidextrous
romantic/sexual orientation: biromantic/heterosexual
yaoi type: uke
hobby(ies): sleeping, doll making, embroidery, spectating
personality: maria is almost always focused on some sort of scheme to free the souls of the children from their “eternal” prison, if not in a constant state of mourning and regret of the day it all happened. she blames herself for it bc she left the establishment w/o her bearings. she works w/ spring bonnie in attempts to try to communicate w/ the loose souls that now haunt the restaurant as they are. she’s always spectating and observing the other animatronics as each day passes.. and is always hoping for goldie to give her another chance…

age: 35
height/weight: 5’ 6"/ 150 lbs
b day: 11/30/1952
gender: female
blood type: A
laterality: ambidextrous
hobby(ies): singing, reading, sewing
siblings: clara afton (dead)’ micheal afton
personality/story: after finishing her time in boarding school (now w/o the memories of what happened before, how her sister was killed and why she was in such despair, bc of the coma blanking her memory), maria mellows out. the new smile she wears seems sketchy at times, but it’s almost always warm and welcoming. she‘s usually quiet, but maria’s always willing to get to know new ppl. especially her new step-son, gregory. but some ppl just aren’t willing to give in to such open arms.. on the day of amber’s birthday, she was a bit distracted; luther jackson, her husband, had dropped the two off at the pizzeria for the party. she was at a payphone, trying to call him so he could pick her and gregory up to go back home. gregory watched the other kids, but something was wrong. stacey was just staring down a dark hall, prohibited to unauthorized personnel, claiming that she saw someone that needed their help. gregory wasn’t willing to follow but, in concern for her safety, went after her. while maria’s back was turned, he and the other children followed stacey down the hall, and into a storage closet. maria heard a scream and realized that gregory was gone. she couldn’t find him anywhere. the restaurant was ordered to be cleared immediately and ambulances arrived shortly afterwards. 2 bodies were recovered: stacey’s and vincent’s, dressed in micheal afton’s uniform. she was unconscious, he was dead. the other bodies simply vanished. no traces. the authorities wouldn’t give her answers (even if they could), no matter how much she begged. maria sought to find those answers herself, by taking a job as a security guard at the sister location that would become the atmosphere of the first game, arriving early to search for clues in secret and enduring the horrors of what players experience in the game itself. on the fifth night, maria somehow manages to sneak out of her office to see if she could reason w/ anyone else who might’ve known what happened that day (bc there was no other way, everything she had tried already didn’t give her any insight on the case) the marionette finds and kills her. she later realizes, in the body of her reaper, that it was really her all along

age: 10
height/weight: 4’ 1"/90 lbs
b day: 11/30/1952
gender: female
blood type: A
laterality: ambidextrous
siblings: clara afton, micheal afton
story: the middle child of 3. her little sister, clara afton, took more interest in her father’s work than mariah did. she was a bit of a problem child too. bc of this she was sent away, as a recommendation from her step-mother, to boarding school back home in england for most of her childhood. after hearing of clara’s death, mariah was able to go back home for her funeral. this put her into a deep and worrying mourning state. she was the very first crying child, that you see outside the restaurant in the second five nights game, in one of the later mini-games after you die ((iforgetwhatitwascalledsomethingaboutcake??)). after her unexpected interaction w/ vincent, who used his power to temporarily disguise himself as a 9-year-old boy, she was found unconscious and seemingly lifeless on the sidewalk and was immediately rushed to the hospital. she remained in a coma for 2 weeks afterwards, but miraculously, made a complete recovery. what she, or anyone at all, didn’t know was that vincent had placed a curse upon her. a curse that would lie dormant for years, waiting for the correct moment to activate and take control. marking her eventual.. and brutal fate…