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So about this whole “concept art mercy” fiasco

You guys have turned what should’ve been a cool look at all the unused art and designs for a game into Obsessing over schezwan sauce levels of toxicity in the fandom. Like come on guys.

I get it alright, theres nothing wrong with wanting more diversity in a game you enjoy. I do have to ask though, what could concept mercy have added to the game that characters like Lucio, Ana, and Symetra already provide?

Also thats just the support heroes for starters. Seriously though, the only argument presented on why they should used concept mercy is for nothing more than shipping purposes. So if anyone can provide a legit reason then I’m all ears because concept mercy is amazing and I hope that character design still gets used in some way

Small update, ‘cause I want to do more with the blog than just post art/lore/screenshots. Workload has been lightening (kinda), and I’ve been finding myself with a bit more time to write and generally relax enough to be creative, even pick up some threads.

I might start reblogging some ask memes again and answering them with a different OC every week. Not sure. Still working on that one since I sorta have another OC in development, maybe, kinda.

Also been thinking about potentially doing a tutorial post on my screenshot edits and how I normally go about the more intensive ones, but I don’t know if there’s any actual interest… shrugs

Thoughts are appreciated!

I always get kind of sad on those ‘dragons that won’t sell’ threads, cause most of the posts come from people who have way too much faith in their dragons. 50% of the time, they’re fodder, price them as fodder. 40% of the time, they’re nice but not THAT nice, lower their price. 10% of the time it’s a dragon with art or lore so yeah they’re hard to sell cause people are very picky about those things.


Welcome to a world without Light.

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He’s just worried about your health, McCree.

My part of Art Trade with @blacksmiley-c WE CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP. Same like it came up with HER PART, single picture became a short comic. I had so much fun drawing this, thankkkkkkk you!  ♥

Guardian Spirit of the Light

The most righteous of the lions, the White Lion has never once chosen a paladin before. Once this lion has accepted its paladin, its fiercely protective nature comes into play–as long as that paladin’s soul maintains its integrity. If a paladin is unsure, they will often find themselves locked out in the cold. The White Lion uses  its WING BLADES to slice through any material, and its ENERGY SAP can render any battleship powerless; literally.

white lion concepts i’ve been working on 🦁 now onto her paladin!


On one side, Epic Sans fans are crying and making sad montages to their memelord and one true saiyan.

On the other side, fans continue on in self denial that he’s not gone, nope nu uh, he’s still there, see that speck of dust, he’s right thereeeeeee.

And then there’s me going “dude what if he like, used his spoopy ghost powers to like possess cute girls and run around and stuff.”

… All in all, I’m very sorry @yugogeer12, but I ain’t sorry for this.



Print & vinyl stickers (stickers are transparent!) for Fan Expo Toronto at table A37! This is the first in a long time, where I’ve become so heavily invested in a series SO darn fast!! you can see a PROGRESS of this drawing HERE

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