lorien network

Hello slowly reviving Lorien Legacies Fandom! This is The Lorien Legacies Rp Network, where you can rp as your favourite character! To join;

  • Follow this blog, its important to keep updated on the rp!
  • Read our Rules and Tags pages, for the sake of your fellow members.
  • Send us an ask or a message off anon asking about the character you would like to play! There are no applications, just ask! Not all characters are open, but most of them are.
  • Make a tumblr blog for your character, and join the discord server with the link we give you. These are where you will rp! Blogs can be main or sideblogs, but try to make a blog exclusively to rp your character. 
  • Have fun!

Hey so instead of working on a research paper (procrastination is bad don’t do it kids) I decided to make a fandom family! (pls excuse the terrible gif)

the rules are simple:

◕you don’t have to be following me but hey it’d be nice

◕reblog this post to spread the word

◕check to see who’s claimed on the family page

send me an ask with your url and the character you’d like- oh and send a backup in case the person you want is taken (I already claimed Nine whoops)

◕if you want to be a character not listed, just let me know and I’ll be more than happy to add it

what you’ll get:

◕my eternal love and friendship (◡‿◡✿)

◕a permanent spot on my blog

fandoms on the page:

◕Lorien Legacies (mostly)


◕The Hunger Games

◕I may be adding John Green in the future we’ll see

Enjoy! :)