lorien academy

More things Academy students are not allowed to do

29. Those with Legacies capable of causing natural disasters should not attempt to reenact the Ten Plagues of Egypt.

30. Flamethrowers are not allowed in dorm rooms (where did you guys even get one?).
30a. This one time it’s being forgiven as the culprit was trying to deal with an army of spiders and wasps another student set on her (the wasps are all dead, most of the spiders ran away).

31. To those capable of talking to bugs or animals: do not summon an army of spiders and wasps as part of a prank.
31a. Or at all, unless it’s an emergency.

32. Stop spreading the rumours that Lexa is Professor Nine’s secret girlfriend.
32a. For one thing she is eight years older than he is
32b. Also your professor’s last love interest….turned out to be a Mog spy, who they disposed of gruesomely while he was watching. He never even tried to have a relationship after that.
32c. Lexa is the one who writes these rules, if you make her mad she will randomly make up rules for no reason.

33a. Besides your professor, we have no less than TWO others that lost their lovers in combat: John Smith himself, and Marina/Number Seven. And if you ever tell them “what’s the big deal” or anything like that, or ship them with others, they WILL deal with you. Personally. And they are even deadlier than your professor when it comes to Legacy use.

34. You are allowed to use social networks, but do NOT leak out training details via Facebook or anything. These are posted on the Academy website anyways.

35. Who the F**k posted The Legacy Epic Fails Video to the Academy’s YouTube channel?! In related news, if you are going to make a video for the school channel, ASK.
35a. Turns out it was your professor.
35b. The video now has over one million views on YouTube.

36. Don’t even think about getting one of your belongings charged with Simon’s Legacy to cheat on a test or quiz. This will get you a zero.
36a. If you keep doing this we are making you do the academic work work Legacy-cancelling collars on!! - Prof. 9

37. In case one of the other original Garde makes a visit, he or she should be treated with as much respect as your professor, for the same reasons
37a. Said reasons being: They have superhuman speed and strength, are the most powerful Legacy users of all time, and have been trained since childhood for combat (with the exception of Marina, but she’s more than caught up since the Invasion). They are also not stupid at all.
37b. We are not exaggerating when we say that together, they can completely level a decent-sized city in less than an hour.
37c. Most of them (Number 5 and Ella excluded) also work for the UN, if you don’t get along with them now they will make you pay for it when you get drafted.

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This is my new book blog and I need more people who post books and book fandoms to follow~ Fandoms I’m looking for include:
The Shadowhunter Chronicles
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The Hush, Hush series
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The Throne of Glass series
Anything by David Levithan
Harry Potter
The Ender Quintet
The Giver Quartet
The Lorien Legacies
Vampire Academy
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Howl’s Movie Castle
Tuck Everlasting
Books of Ember
Basically any book fandom please.

More things the Academy students are not allowed to do

48. There is no such thing as a lame or useless Legacy. Do not insult or bully people based on their Legacies.
48a. And there is always the possibility that at some point they might actually get something “awesome” by your standards.

49. Do not sneak out at night to train on the obstacle course. If you get injured nobody will help you.
49a. Your professor is an exception because a) he designed that course himself and b) he’s enough of a badass to be able to get out if he does get hurt on the course.

50. We have healers that can remove almost any injuries or diseases, so don’t bother using those as an excuse to skip classes.

51. Due to a recent mishap that resulted in a car embedded in one of the dorm buildings (!!), superhero RPs are now banned on campus.

52. Apparently some of the telepaths tried to find a loophole around Rule 36 by using telepathy to cheat on tests and quizzes. From now on all telepaths would be forced to do any form of academic evaluation with Legacy-cancelling collars on.
52a. We warned you. -Prof. 9

53. We do allow family, friends or other close ones to visit the campus. However, this does not mean you may invite people you hate just to shove them onto the obstacle course.

54. Whoever took the glowing blue jewellery, Professor Nine is looking for both it and you.
54a. You do realize what that pendant is made out of and what it does?
54b. The culprit has accidentally teleported himself to the Himalayas with that pendant. John Smith just dropped him off at the Academy. And had a nice long chat with the prof about how to keep you morons under control.

List of things the Academy students are not allowed to do

1. No telekinetic food fights are allowed in the cafeterias.
1a. Or anywhere else

2. Do not steal Legacy-cancelling weapons from security personnnel and use them in pranks.
2a. Do not steal ANY weapons from the security detail for any reason.

3. Your professor is a dysfunctional alien with more and more powerful Legacies than any one of you, can ignore gravity, has a metal arm, is strong enough to fold up a car bare-handedly and used to be ax-crazy in combat. Don’t make him mad.
3a. This also applies to all of his friends. Especially those with elemental Legacies.
3b. If nothing else, the fact he marks your performances should tell you it’s a terrible idea to piss him off.

4. You may not use telekinesis to force-choke someone, even if it would make the most realistic Darth Vader Halloween performance ever.

5. Isabela is forbidden from impersonating any of the security personnel.
5a. Or any of the faculty.
5b. Or any fellow students, unless she asked them first.

6. Don’t telekinetically pull kid’s pants down

7. Do not call students mean names (*cough cough Nine cough cough*)

8. I don’t care what the song says, do not set fire to the rain

9. To those with elemental legacies: Even if you make huge storms with your legacies, classes will continue, so don’t even try

10. Do not tell new students that Professor Nine uses execution as a punishment. He does not.

11. To those with Dreynen: Do not Take away kid’s legacies while they are in the middle of the obstacle course

12. Do not use Lumen inside of the dorms. I don’t care what you say, it is not a good idea.

More things Academy students are not allowed to do

24: in corollary to Rule 9, trying to use your Legacies in any way to skip class will result in forced detention. With Professor Nine.

25. Don’t steal your professor’s metal arm. If you do, you have to fight him in the obstacle course as punishment.

26. Do not use telekinesis to cheat during your fitness training.
26a. If you have super speed or super strength as one of your Legacies, your training will be modified to take this into account, so don’t ever think that it would be easier for you.
26b. Professor Nine has both super strength AND super speed, in case you were wondering how someone would come up with a training regime for those Legacies. He does weightlifting with military vehicles because there aren’t weights calibrated for someone his strength.

27. I know that the Avengers movie (OOC: the epilogue for UaO and the events of GenOne happened in 2012) came out, and it IS a great movie, but refrain from comparing the six original Garde to the Avengers.
27a. Don’t do it with the Fugitive Six either.
27c. Apparently both the originals and the Fugitive Six approved of being compared to the Avengers. That said, do not do it to anyone without permission. 27b is also still in effect.

28. The originals are not gods (though they do pack more firepower than most nuclear arsenals). Do not worship them as such. They find it weird, and it offends some of the religious students.
28a. You do realize that right now there is a conservative Christian terrorist group, called the Harvesters, that is running around killing people with Legacies? Just ask Taylor. John Smith actually is trying to stamp this worship thing out so innocent people won’t become targeted by the Harvesters.

More things the academy Students aren't allowed to do

65. In corollary with 62, do not ask your classmates or anyone else to burn/freeze/electrocute/otherwise injure or kill an annoying classmate.

66. The originals were not sent by Satan, despite what the Harvesters believe. Report to Dr. Linda immediately. You know who you are, spy.
66a. It’s not about “freedom of religion.” The Harvesters are a TERRORIST GROUP. Yes, that means your parents, who put you up to this, are terrorists. Do not believe their lies. And because you have Legacies, your parents were actually going to kill you after you infiltrated and destroyed the Academy (we hacked their emails and found that the Harvesters have been planning this for months).
66b. Apparently the student involved was provided with over 1000 pounds of C4 by the Harvesters (they snuck it through one block at a time) and actually tried to blow up the entire academy. When this was revealed, he proceeded to kill five of the security personnel and critically injured over twenty others with an assault rifle, and also killed eight students, before Ran charged his body with her Legacy and blew him up. The funeral services will be held tomorrow at 9 AM.
66c. Due to this incident, we will now be enabling some of the students to apprehend, disable and if necessary dispatch any more attempted terrorist attacks. Those who think they are up to the task, report to Professor Nine for evaluation.

More things the Academy students are not allowed to do

84. In corollary to Rule 83, if your family needs financial support, ASK. We have a financial support system for such students.

85. No, Caleb’s duplicates do not have minds of their own, stop spreading those rumours.
85a. We hope that they don’t have minds of their own.
85b. What do you mean Caleb himself disagrees?!

86. Faculty housing is exactly that-faculty housing. Not student housing. Do not sleep in faculty houses just because you are too tired and drunk to sleep in your own room.
86a. And why are you drunk anyways? Alcohol is banned on campus.

87. The classification system of “combat” versus “non-violent” Legacies, previously used to classify students for their roles after graduation, is being removed due to the fact supposedly “non-violent” Legacies have proven to be incredibly destructive if used in certain ways (especially those that involve the mind).
87a. This means that from now on EVERY student will be considered as combat-capable, and for good reason.

88. Yes, some Legacies can only be mastered by using them to destroy stuff. But try to keep the damage minimum, it costs money to replace training equipment.

89. Yes, Taylor did meet John Smith once. That does not mean they are in a relationship, or that she knows him personally. Stop asking her.

90. Do not use the projectile launchers in the obstacle course to practice baseball swings.
90a. Do not use the course for personal amusement in general.

More things the Acadeny Students Aren’t Allowed to Do

43. No one is allowed to dare Caleb to send his duplicates to classes/exams so he can skip

44. No student is allowed to ask Ran to boil eggs as a party trick

45. In corollary to rule 3, no one is allowed to bring up Nine’s lack of secondary education

45a. It irritates him and he’ll give you detention for “disrespecting a faculty member”

More things the Academy students are not allowed to do

81. Apparently your antics have gotten bad enough that we have ONE MORE original Garde come over to keep you out of trouble, respect him/her. We are not telling who this is, because at this point we are afraid you guys might do something insane if you knew. Only staff and the members of Student Security know just which of the originals this is, and they aren’t telling.
81a. What do you mean some of you already figured it out? And WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO? HASN’T THIS PERSON SUFFERED ENOUGH?!
81b. It’s okay, I got this - mystery Garde
81c. Well…..they did try the prank (breaking rule 2 and part of Rule 39 in the process). It didn’t end well for them. Also, sorry Lexa for hacking your computer again (I had to get some help from Sam though, his Legacy is useful here). That should be enough hints to figure out who I am…

82. Ella’s going back home to India in two days, if you want to get any autographs or ask questions, do it now.
82a. Disregard 81, someone (not your prof for once) added it as a joke. Stop giving the poor girl more work, she has been nothing but helpful for us. (Helps that she’s the nicest of the originals by personality)

83. Taylor is not allowed to charge money for every mishap-caused injury she heals.
83a. At this rate she would be a millionaire by the end of the year.

More things the Academy students are not allowed to do

91. Yes, what happened last night WAS exciting. That doesn’t mean you should post it on FaceBook.
91a. For context: some moron decided to throw a homemade Molotov cocktail over the fence. The stoner was captured in less than 19 minutes.
91b. Because there is no point in hiding this anymore (due to last night’s events): the “mystery original Garde” who decided to stay here part of the time is Marina (we wanted Six but she refused). She should be treated with as much respect as your professor, if not more so.
91c. Yes, her stopping the Molotov in midair, freezing it, and throwing it back at the guy who threw it was impressive. That doesn’t mean you can spread THAT on social media, either.

92. Marina is one of the originals, but she’s not faculty and is here only for added security. Stop asking her to help with training.
92a. Why? Because she’s overworked. Marina goes on military operations for the UN (which is why you won’t be seeing her daily), helps with security, screens graduating students for the UN, and gets her own combat training on top of that.
92b. THIS IS (part of) WHY WE TRIED TO HIDE THE FACT SHE WAS HERE TO START WITH. It took you all of ten hours to force us to make more rules….

93. Rule 39a has been rescinded. It’s too late. On a side note, the traitor-who-shall-be-unnamed would be wise to avoid the Academy when Marina is here.

94. We already went over this, but do not place bets on who would win in a duel between your professor and Marina.
94a. It’s obvious that the physically stronger and faster one with more experience will win.
94b. Nine hacked the list again….get iced.
94c. As originals you two should be setting a good example, and not try to fight each other.

95. Please don’t sneak out and play Good Samaritan. I get that you guys are well-intentioned, but people are starting to question Academy security due to your antics.
95a. From now on the Student Security members should also stop fellow students from escaping, and NOT help them escape!


Bad Blood AU: Lorien Defense Academy is a fighting and self defense school for girls and women who are willing to join.

“Here in this school we don’t care about your past and what you did. You can start a clean page here and take it to wherever you want. Because of that, your join also requires a new name. Call it a new identity if you’d like. So what is your name?”

I hesitate for a second, thinking. “Catastrophe. My name is Catastrophe.”