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Day in the life of an Outsiders fan

When we see Wade’s situation

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When Asa brings his A game
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When Big Foster does something evil
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When Hasil does or says something sweet
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When Sasil is going through trials and tribulations
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When Sally Ann is happy
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When we found out what Sally Ann’s brother does
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When we see Haylie

When Lady Ray is on screen
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When G’win tries to help but then pulls a Lori Grimes
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When Little Foster seems vulnerable

When the Asa/G’win/Lil Foster love triangle starts up again
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so i just rewatched ES (dubbed) and something caught my attention. Lori mentions a little girl with overalls to Rin and he gets all flustered about it. and my brain flipped out. who is this? what happened? what cuteness ensued in australia? Rin's first crush? Rin's first kiss? omg, the possibilities.. i need someone to discuss this with me! D:

Oh my gosh really!!!! Which episode is this? xxx



  • Day 2: Favorite Season 2 Scene

Imagine #28 || Request #25

Okay, so just imagine that Lori’s that little kid in the gif… i honestly can’t find anymore gif that would fit the imagine I have in mind. Hope this just works as well and that you’d like it :D


With the right pair, you tied the shoelaces securely before helping Lori up from the bench and letting Brett help you stand up. Chuckling lightly, you watched as Lori wobbled on the mats as she tried to balance herself on the blades of the skate with you holding her and Brett holding on to your shoulder.

You knew how to skate so it wasn’t such a difficult task for you to enter the ice rink with you still holding Lori upright while she tried to find her balance on the new smooth and cold surface, while Brett, well, let’s just say he was holding on to the railings of the glass wall of the rink for dear life.

“Brett, c’mere.” The little girl gestured to his brother while you slowly made your way to him.

After several tries and a few falls, Brett finally got the hang of it and he boldly took off to the middle of the rink and expertly avoided bumping into other skaters.

“Brett!” Lori huffed, exhausted and annoyed that she can’t keep up with the werewolf.

When Brett made his way back to you, he slowed to a stop beside you and held your waist close to his before he planted a kiss on your head. He smiled when he pulled away before turning his attention to his sister.

“Let’s go,” He told her, taking her hands and letting Lori trail first as he slowly skate far away from the sides of the rink.

Idly skating beside them, you watched as Lori was practically walking on the ice having the difficulty of getting the hang of just gliding making you laugh a bit when Brett laughed at his sister’s actions.

“Don’t walk, Lori. Skate.” Brett chuckled, holding to her hand as she used the other to balance her self when she finally learned the trick of balancing.

“She’s getting the hang of it.” You commented, watching the way that Lori was finally over the annoyance of not being able to skate properly and being replaced with a smile of enjoyment.

“Yeah, she is.” Brett agreed.

Holding your hand, he pulled you closer for a kiss. And the next thing you heard made you almost stop in your tracks, thankful that it was Brett holding Lori at that moment because if you were the one holding her, you might’ve already let her go and let her fall on her butt.

“What?” you asked, not really sure that you heard it right.

“I love you, Y/N.” The smile he had almost fading away he saw your reaction. “You don’t have to say it, I just wanted to let you kn-“

“I love you too.” You didn’t know what made you blurt it out but you were glad to, seeing the smile on your boyfriend’s face grow wider.

Closing the gap between the two of you, Brett met you half way but before your lips could even touch, you heard an ‘ew’ from below. Turning your attention to that voice, you saw Lori covering her eyes with her hands and her nose scrunched up.

Laughing, you kissed her head before Brett put his hands over her hands covering her eyes and kissed you.

Lori fans are in their feeling right now.Can we stop pretending that Lori was this poor little victim. What she did was wrong.She slept with her husband best friend got pregnant. Than pitted them against each other. It not slut shaming what she did just simply suck.She never deserve Rick.He could never do anything right. Even before the zombie apocalypse she was a shitty wife .That scene at Carl school where she talking to her friend she could not even say if she love Rick . It just not Richonne that dislike Lori, I can name a ton of people who did not like her so don’t go trying to label the richonne fandom.


A Chris Evans fanfic

Summary: Chris and Lori went for a little walk in NYC for her birthday, and a lot of surprises happened to this birthday girl.

Warnings: Language (just a little bit, almost nothing), WORDS IN ITALIAN (the translation is right next to the dialogue)


This chapter was inspired by two people. First my biggest iconic idol Audrey Hepburn, and also my grandma!!THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT, IT WAS SO NICE TO READ ALL YOUR COMMENTS. Hope you enjoy this new chapter! LOVE Y’ALL! 

The picture in an original one made by me, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST IT, OR AT LEAST TAG ME. It took time to make it so ,please, don’t be a douche :)

If by any reason you would like to be added or removed from the tag list, let me know!

Previously on Closer: PROLOGUE CHAPTER ONE

CHAPTER TWO: Breakfast at Tiffany’s…kind of.

“I can’t believe you did this to me” She admitted under her breath, looking at him like she was about to kill him.

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I wonder what is Satomi’s secret for having such a great looking pack. She has Brett who needs no explanation. Then Brett’s little sister Lori who will no doubt grow up looking as mighty fine as her brother. She had that girl last season with those awesome converse and let’s not forget Mr Stubble Smoldering Eyed Man who’s in her pack too.
Then you have Satomi, an 100+ Year old werewolf who has a better bum than most 20 year olds. What is her secret?  

ppl saying michonne will die...

ok see…

you have lori, then you have Michonne

you have jessie…. THEn YoU havE MichOnNE

*I think yall get the point


NWSL 2014 Semifinal Match Seattle Reign vs Washington Spirit.

One of the best if not the best highlight video I have seen. If you haven’t seen it please watch it and to prepare for the rematch on September 5th where the Washington Spirit face off against the top team, Seattle Reign.