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Xorias, Omen of Chaos

Xorias first appeared in Imperial records around 801.M40 as the leader of a large Chaos war-band directing raids on the frontier of the Gehenna Sector.  Inquisitorial investigators of the Ordo Malleus identify his membership in the fallen Word Bearers chapter and note his impartial reverence of all the Ruinous Powers in his operations. Across a single system, he will massacre entire cities to Khorne, sow discord in tribute to Tzeentch, spread disease in honor of Nurgle, and inflict sadistic torture for the sake of Slaanesh. His personal guard of daemon-possessed champions represent servants of all four Dark Gods and he embraces all tactics, from the secrets of the Warp to conventional bolters and chainswords.

His apparent base of operations is the Hades-class heavy cruiser Revelation, although there are whispers Xorias comes from a Daemon world within the Warp, an unholy site where the rival powers of Chaos converge in a vortex of raw, conflicting energies.

Xorias is also unusual in that, on Imperial worlds and ships he captures, he gives the local psykers, mutants, and outcasts a choice: join him and the Dark Gods or perish. Many of those persecuted by the Imperium are apt to take the former option, even if it likely means their imminent deaths fighting under his banner. Yet every soul that perishes under the spiked and skull-bestrewn standards of Chaos is another soul Xorias delivers to his masters, much to their howling laughter.

Inspirational Lines from the Primarchs

“Give me a hundred Space Marines. Or failing that give me a thousand other troops”
– Rogal Dorn

“What doesn’t kill me… simply isn’t trying hard enough!”
- Roboute Guiliman

“If I am guilty of anything, it is the pursuit of knowledge.”
- Magnus the Red

“Humans do not submit to Fate. We shape it.”
- Ferrus Manus

“We are the shadow that kills, the hidden death that no one expects.”
- Corvus Corax

“You know nothing of me and I know everything of you.”
- Jaghatai Khan

“The difference between gods and daemons largely depends upon where one is standing at the time.”
- Lorgar Auralian

“Being underestimated is one my greatest weapons.”
- Perturabo

“We are all Tyrants. Do not fool yourself. We are bred for nothing else.”
- Mortarion

“I am my Father’s son, and always will be. I am the angel of His pure wrath!”
- Sanguinius

“Enter every city as though you are it’s first-born masters.”
- Fulgrim

“Men keep many secrets for good reasons.”
- Lion El'Jonson

“Death is nothing compared to Vindication.”
- Konrad Curze

“War is simply the Galaxy’s hygiene.”
- Alpharius (or Omegron)

“I hope one day I can put down my sword. Until then I’ll keep my sword at a killing edge.”
- Vulkan

“Beat your thoughts to the mold of your will.”
- Leman Russ

“War is only won when every enemy is dead. A pacified enemy is still an enemy.”
- Angeron

“Let the Galaxy Burn!”
- Horus Lupercal