Regarde la sourire, regarde la, comme est belle, elle resplendit, et pour une fois c'est un vrai sourire, un vrai bonheur, elle est tellement jolie quand elle sourit, sans faux semblant, juste simplement.

Mais demain, ce sera parti, ça dure jamais bien longtemps, profite de la voir ainsi, heureuse: demain, la tristesse sera sûrement revenu, elle aura les traits tirés, les lèvres pincées, les cernes noires, et les yeux vides, tu lui trouveras peut-être un peu de charme encore, mais elle ne sera pas éblouissante comme lors de ce moment, là, tout de suite.

Respire chacun de ses gestes, souviens-toi de chacun de ses sourires, n'oublie jamais ces moments là. Qui sait quand viendra le prochain ?

What You Need to Know About Letters of Recommendation- How to Get Into Vet School Part 9

You know, years later, I still vividly remember the day when I nervously stood in my vet’s office, stumbling and stuttering as I asked him if he would be so wonderful as to write me a letter of recommendation (LoR) for vet school. I was terrified of being rejected, and elated when he (and a few others) said yes. Wondering who you will ask, the process of requesting one, and waiting for those precious LoRs during application season can be awful, so here are a few tips to hopefully get you started in the right direction:

-> Ask for them EARLY, and if you can, in person. Now it will depend on who you ask, but I would honestly recommend two things: 1) Ask at least 2-4 months ahead of time (give them even more if they are swamped, and you can occasionally send them email reminders through VMCAS or personally prompt them if you think they might forget. One of the WORST feelings in the world is waiting at 3 hrs before the deadline for a LoR to be submitted, so ASK EARLY. 2) Most of the time, it is more personal and professional to inquire about them in person. However, distance or other conditions might dictate that you have to go another method, so I found that taking time to either call them or write a thought-out and personal email could be acceptable as well, depending on the person and circumstances. 

-> At least one of them HAS to be from a veterinarian. Not only that, but make sure you check the requirements for each school, as they can be different. Some allow the 3-6 VMCAS accepts. Some only allow you to submit 3 total through their supplemental. Some want one to be from an adviser/professor. Some want two vet letters. Do not apply to a school without making sure you fit all of their requirements, including LoR specifications! 

-> Make sure the person knows you and can give you a POSITIVE letter. This might surprise you, but there has been several instances where someone asked a vet or professor they’ve known for a week for a LoR, and the resulting product is either mediocre, or shockingly negative. Now, saying how long to know someone before asking is hard to say (some people can’t tell your character after 2 years, some know after a month), but I’ve heard a general thought of 6 months or greater is a good middle ground to shoot for. Along with this, make sure you ask them if they can write you a POSITIVE letter.  I know it’s weird requesting that but sometimes they are either not sure what to write about you or they aren’t comfortable with writing one. Whatever the reason may be, the last thing you want is a cookie cutter letter that looks like someone copied/pasted your name on it. 

-> Quality is better than quantity. Just because you can submit up to 6 LoRs does NOT mean you should!!!! 3 rockstar letters are WAY better than 3 rockstar and 3 mediocre ones. Trust me on this. As well, there seems to be a lot of anxiety in who you should ask…. In a perfect world, you would want several diverse letters, one to highlight your potential in vet med, one to emphasize your academic skill, one to showcase your leaderships abilities, one that could maybe integrate two or more of these qualities, etc. However, life is not that simple, and in my opinion, you should pick the people who you know will write you the best letters, even if that doesn’t fit that “perfect model.” For you it could be two vets and one employer. Or two research professors, one vet, and one leadership supervisor. Bottom line: Don’t ask someone you don’t think will write you a solid, positive letter just because you believe you “need” that type of person/letter in your application. 


Disclaimer: As much as I love writing up these posts, please keep in mind these are only my opinions. There are many roads that can lead into vet school,and just because I offer an opinion does not make it correct, especially if your situation is different than mine was. Please don’t panic if you aren’t doing exactly what I say on here, everyone has different experiences and that is what makes them and you unique. I’m simply hoping this mini-series will be a guideline to help you begin your journey along the road to vet school.

Attention all vetblrs: I’m really excited to start this mini-series on getting into vet school, and I would love some collaboration! I encourage all vets and vet students to reblog this post and add in their own advice for the topic of the day! Those in countries other than the U.S. who have a different system/application are also more than welcome to chime in!

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Hei. Vreau sa îți spun că am dat de tumblr-ul tău aproximativ acum 30 de minute și după primul 5 am început să plâng. Mă întristează ca si tu te simți așa. Sper să reușești să zâmbești mai des. Chiar dacă poate nu ai motive. Pup si hug😘!

Nu ai de ce să te întristezi. Viața e dură cu fiecare în parte. Fiecare are câte ceva pe inimă și pe suflet. Fiecare are sentimente care vor să iasă afară, să spulbere tot in calea lor. Dar multe dintre ele, se lovesc de realitate, și cu timpul sau chiar pe moment se distrug. Sunt sentimente care reușesc să iasă, dar uneori sunt înțelese greșit de către ceilalți…
Eu le strâng pe toate in inima mea. De la o vreme, inima mea are tăieturi, pe ea, de la atâtea sentimente care nu pot să le exprim. Vreau să le scot din mine, dar știu că dacă fac asta, voi rănii pe ceilalți, așa că le țin doar pentru mine. Uneori le sciu într-o agendă, dar numai câteva le postez. Pentru că mi-e frică să nu rănesc cu ele. Pentru mine, cuvintele au putere…
Cuvintele sunt cele care ajung cel mai rapid la inimă și în suflet.
Cuvântul, este o armă a omului. Arma atât a binelui cât și raului. Doar noi hotărâm cum o folosim…

[[ Gonna catch up on the G1 this morning, hopefully do some replies and make some edits. I’m feel terrible this morning so I apologize if I don’t get a lot done again. ALSO my dream was crazy last night — in a nut shell: I had been engaged to Oka/da and he wrote me a zillion love letters which I never got because of our parents keeping us separated and we never found each other again, then I was dying my hair and playing monopoly with a pink haired Finn Ba/lor who was trying to give me love but I wasn’t allowing it, and then I ended up naked in a bathroom with Kenny Om/ega which led to sex in a bathtub……….what is my life????? Okay that’s enough tmi and bullshit for now. I’ll see you all soon! 💋💋💋 ]]


I think you’ll be surprised by what happened….

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Okay so why don't you believe in the split attraction model

  1. for most non-aces, sexual and romantic attraction are connected, and cannot be separated, and trying to decipher split attraction therefore doesn’t make sense. this can make it harder for questioning people to find their identities, because they’re picking apart what kind of attraction they’re experiencing rather than just being attracted to people and seeing what happens.
  2. not all attraction is created equal: compulsory heterosexuality is a term coined by lesbians that describes what happens when you’re told all your life that you need a straight relationship. many gay people (especially lesbians) experience “fake attraction” to men, which often manifests itself as being, say, “heteromantic ‘homosexual’” when really they’re just a lesbian. (people have talked at length about compulsory heterosexuality better than I have explained here, so i encourage you to find more information on it)
  3. it encourages the use of “homosexual,” which many gay/lesbian people consider a slur, or at least are uncomfortable using. homosexual was created to medicalize our attraction and institutionalize us for decades, and it wasn’t removed from the DSM (criteria used to diagnose mental disorders) until 1973.

so basically, it’s harmful to questioning people, as well as all LGBT people.

Ai văzut vreodată cum se văd ochii căprui în soare? Știi, nu prea îți dai seama prima oară, dar acel căprui parcă se topește, se metamorfozează în auriu, apărând ca o eclipsă în jurul pupilei. Nu te poți plictisi niciodată de ochii căprui, fie noapte, dimineață sau zi. Iar dimineața… Dimineața sunt somnoroși și aurii, ca și cum ar fi răsărit odată cu soarele… Iar seara… Au un fel de “apus” al lor. Specific. Magnetic. Electric.
Ochii căprui? Fascinanți. Cameleonici.
—  felii-de-viata