loretta quest

Loretta's Old Dialogue
  • Loretta: What? Yes, I’m Loretta, and who are you? Not that I care… (y/n)? That’s your name? Really. Well, it sounds very… very pretty and intelligent. Oh my… (y/n). I bet your horse’s name is just as lame. I bet it’s like… Puffyheart or something. (Horse's name)? Ha! I’m psychic!
  • So what are you doing here, anyway? Jenna told you I was going to teach you how to compete? Great. You know what, actually I’m kind of bored right now, so why not. You and (Horse's name) should try racing some in the paddock. Who knows, maybe it’ll make me smile. At your fantaaaastically faaaaast speed. I can already tell that you’ll never make into the club. You’re still here? I thought I told you that you could try out our paddock already. What is it you don’t understand? Come on already! Get to the starting line!
  • I forgot to note the objectives and rewards of this one, sorry!
  • Quest: Completed
  • Loretta: Ok, that wasn’t too bad for a beginner. I’ll admit that I wasn’t super good at controlling my horse when I first came here, either. All that will change when you get more experienced and acquire better equipment. You’ll never be a Bobcat Girl however, that’s for sure.
  • More Quests: Completed
  • Loretta: Just a minute! One more thing: keep away from Justin. He’s mine and nobody will ever come between us. Not that there’s any chance that he would ever be interested in… somebody like you.
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  • Credit: https://ssoridethrough.com/2012/11/27/day-1-getting-right-down-to-business/