loretta ellsworth

Unforgettable: Loretta Ellsworth

Unforgettable, Loretta Ellsworth. 256 pages.


Baxter Green isn’t like everyone else. While you would forget about the embarrassment of tripping on the stairs, and the pain from your relationship gone wrong would ease over time, Baxter never forgets - not pain, not hurt, not embarrassment. In fact, Baxter never forgets anything - not even a string of account numbers, flashed before his eyes by his mother’s criminal boyfriend, Dink, in a credit card scam.

Years after his testimony has locked Dink away, Baxter and his mother are in a new town, trying to forget the danger Dink brought into their lives. Baxter wants to hide his unique ability, but it becomes increasingly more difficult when he reconnects with Halle, a girl from his childhood who has lived on in his memory long after she has forgotten him. Can Baxter win Halle’s heart? Will he ever be able to live a normal life? And can he continue to elude Dink forever?

A heartwarming love story, a unique exploration of a true medical phenomenon, and a suspenseful crime drama, Loretta Ellsworth’s newest novel is one readers will never forget.

This book is similar to The Pull of Gravity in that it is linked to another book. This time it was The Great Gatsby, and as Baxter read it, he too drew parallels to his own life and relationships. 

I didn’t actually like Halle that much. I respected that Baxter liked her, but I couldn’t really see why. Each to their own, I suppose. I also thought the whole environmental storyline wasn’t very interesting (though, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for protecting the environment). It was a way of Baxter getting closer to Halle though, so I could see its purpose. 

I thought the Baxter-Dink storyline was much more interesting. It was also a better method of showing Baxter’s self-development. It saved the book from being boring, in my opinion.

Of course, Baxter’s ability was a major factor in the story. It was definitely featured prominently, but it didn’t get in the way, it was just a part of him.