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Alycia Debnam-Carey Imagine - I Still Get Jealous

A/N: Okay, so everybody loves Alycia so why not. Imagine you’re part of the Fear The Walking Dead cast secretly dating Alycia (kinda like Larry Stylinson). Mercedes plays with your hand during a ComicCon interview and Alycia gets jealous. Y/C/N means ‘your character’s name’. If you want more imagines with actors and actresses from the shows, let me know!

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“We’re joined here with the cast of Fear The Walking Dead! Welcome guys!” The interviewer announced. You all smiled and waved at the camera.

“So Lorenzo, tell me a little bit about how Chris is dealing with the lost of mother at the moment.“ 

"Uh yeah. Chris is going through a difficult time, emotionally and he’s gonna need time to grieve. But with the environment he’s in, on a confined space of a boat, he’s in gonna have to face everyone on the boat and grief but also having to watch his limits.” Lorenzo replied while nodding.

“Stay tough, Chris.” Frank put his arm around Lorenzo'sshoulder and pat it a few times. 

“#StayToughChris2k16.” You said making Alycia smile widely while turning her head to you. 

“Alright! Sothere’s a small hint of romance between Y/C/N and Alicia. Girls, would you say they will end up together? You know, with all that’s been going on, do they have time to look at romance at all?" 

"Yeah.” You looked over to Alycia. “I think they kinda have a love hate relationship. You know, Y/C/N is very sarcastic and Alicia always acts calmly. But you what, opposites attract." 

The interviewer started asking more questions about the show and individual characters after that. At one point younfelt a hand brushing on your own. You looked down to see Mercedes’ hands holding yours and stroking it softly. You looked up to her and made a face as she just shrugged and returned a sheepish smile. After a while you felt an arm draping over your shoulder from your left, where Alycia was sitting. You fidgeted with your finger and held your head down trying to hide your huge grin. You could feel the heat reflecting from Alycia’s body as she huffed before scootching closer to you.


You followed Alycia into the dressing room where you get your makeup done. Her heavy sighs were stressing you out while she wouldn’t talk to you about why the sighs even happened the first place.

"Aly, stop sighing and tell me what’s happening.” You finally said before sitting down on the couch.

“I don’t know. You tell me. Tell you what, why don’t you ask Mercedes? Maybe she would have clue?” Alycia turned around and practically shouted at you.

“Alycia, calm down.”

“How are you asking me to calm down…” She sighed again dragging the whole environment another step down before massaging her forehead. 

“Take a deep breath, okay?” You stood up and walked over to your girlfriend and gripped her shoulders lightly. “Mercy and I are friends. You and I are in love. There’s a big difference and nothing to be jealous about. 

"I’m not jealous.” Alycia huffed as she turned to her side.

“Mmhm, sure.” Raising an eyebrow, you said sarcastically.

“Babe, I just don’t wanna, you know, hide anymore. I’m tired of hiding." 

"Okay, then we publish our relationship. It’s fine by me." 

"Really?” Alycia’s face expresions lit up clearly as she took your hands.

“Anything for you, little flower.” You murmured right before pressing your lips against hers. You could Alycia’s little grin during the kiss before her hand secured its place on your jaw. 

“Oh and by the way,” the girl suddenly broke the kiss, “I’m still angry with you.” Alycia turned on her heels and walked in front of the big mirror. You cracked a devilish grin approached your girlfriend. You pressed your chest against her back and held her waist before kissing her neck and ear. 

“Should I make it up to you?”

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20. OC and Spain's kid?? :)

WAY AHEAD OF U, me and @askespanya have a family au and these r their kids (adopted), camila and giovanni. gio is too innocent to be real, and camila is sassy, stubborn, and this video here pretty much describes her.

antonio likes to give his daughter cute lil hairstyles, while lorenzo picks out most of their clothes. giovanni is super clingy to his dads, tho he usually clings to lorenzo, meanwhile camila is all over antonio because he spoils her too much.


Excerpt …. from DAMON’s POV

“Does he know about us? Our connection…” She could be dismissive, and say there is no us, nor a connection. But if I know her the way I think I do, she won’t say that, because so far, there has been no disconnect between us.

“No he doesn’t.”

“He doesn’t know how you swam naked every night, and let me watch you? Does he know you let me watch your naked body every night?”

“Who said I did that for you?”

“I know you did. You put on a show for me. You tortured me.”

“I remember, you fucking the same woman over and over, in your window.”

I laughed, because it doesn’t matter what I say, she retorts. “And you said I made you regress, tell me what you meant.”

“It’s not a good idea for me to divulge on my transgressions while Lorenzo is on his way.”

“Why did you stop swimming every night?”

“I swam to cope. It helped me to cope with a particular high stress factor in my life.”

“Which is?”

“Lack of sex. I swam naked to replicate the same feeling I got from sex. I was celibate for five months.”



“Wow.” I had nothing to say because those words made me feel like I got shot in the chest. “He doesn’t deserve you. Or your body.”

“He’s trying to change.”

“Do you believe that? Or do you tell yourself that?”

“Says the guy who had a relationship with a woman who didn’t deserve him.”

“She was never my girlfriend.”

“What am I supposed to do with that? Damon, a month ago, on that beach I had been celibate for five months. It took months to get there. Weeks of trying and then failing. And I hadn’t been brought so close to the point of no return until that night. When you rejected me, I had to fulfill that need. He was there.”

I pushed her into his arms. I, unknowingly, contributed to something, I didn’t mean to. And she unknowingly broke me. I hear his motorcycle coming from around the corner. “I don’t regret being honest with you, Bonnie. You’re worth honesty, and you’re worth loyalty. You deserve that.” I began walking away from her, with no anger inside of me towards her, but some towards myself. I want her to be happy, because for the first time… a woman’s happiness matters to me.

She called out to me, and it gave me a glimmer of hope.

“Damon. I think you’re my soulmate. For what it’s worth.” The motorcycle got closer and closer, and I took a chance not caring about him and his bike. I walked back to her, and made a request. I gently gripped her neck in the palm of my hand, and pulled her ear to my lips.

“The next time he fucks you, think of me.”

“I already do.”

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Hi, so my history crush is Giuliano de’ Medici and it comes with a long rant so I apologize in advance.  I can go really historical or really silly and this is leaning towards the second of the two so … here goes.

Giuliano was kinda born into this really awkward situation because he was the youngest of like 5 kids (one of them died before he was born) and he was the youngest son, so immediately he was pushed out to make way for his “awesome” brother Lorenzo.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Lorenzo was pretty cool (but he was also pretty ugly and had an annoying voice).  But he was also extremely stuck up and so concerned with own his self interests that he spent all his time doing his own thing and COMPLETELY IGNORING THE FACT THAT HE AND HIS BROTHER WERE ABOUT TO BE MURDERED.

Literally.  The Duke of Milan’s secretary (Cicco Simonetta, also an awesome guy) and the Venetians kept telling Lorenzo “hey I think the pope wants you dead” and “hey look lots of soldiers are heading towards Florence” and “this one guy said ‘Lorenzo is so annoying I want him to die’” but Lorenzo went off saying “lalala Plato is the best”.  Giuliano was supposedly “nauseated” by the nasty things Lorenzo did to get himself ahead of everyone else in Florence.

Once when Giuliano was 5 (and Lorenzo was 10), he went to recite poetry to the Duke of Milan and I can’t get over that.

Another time, Giuliano was such a teenager and would never stop complaining to Lorenzo about how he never had any say in anything and he felt like his brother never listened to him.

AND THEN.  The moment of truth.  The Pazzi (related family) and the Pope’s nephew (annoying Girolamo Riario who sorta wanted to take over Florence) and their friends ask Lorenzo to host a banquet.  So he does - and they plan on poisoning him and Giuliano!  But Giuliano, cinnamon roll that he is, has a stomach ache and refuses to come.  So they have to re-plan … They decide on poisoning them at another banquet that Lorenzo is going to hold, but, again, Giuliano has a stomachache!  So that day, while Lorenzo is at church, Giuliano’s brother-in-law literally comes to his house and picks him up and brings him to church JUST SO HE CAN STAB HIM.  What a nice thing to do, right?  So they do, poor Giuliano dies on the floor and Lorenzo doesn’t even realize what happened.

And now nobody really knows who he is.  If it wasn’t for Giuliano’s death, we might not have had Savonarola and Mussolini and all those other insane Italian people.  Giuliano could have saved the day.

Princess of Love and Beauty

So, I sent out requests to all the Klaroweek drabble writers for dragons.  kickassfu was kind enough to turn my request back on me, and I will forever love them for that.  So here is a Klaroline AU complete with dragons :).  Shout out to cupcakemolotov, who is responsible for the whole dragon kick.

It was said that a beautiful princess was locked away by the Queen of the Unseelie.  Her beauty was such that it was said she would someday rival the great Queen herself, and Mab refused to allow this to come to pass.  So she took the princess from her kingdom, leaving a Changeling in her place, and carried the princess to be locked away, never to be heard or seen from again.

               To the prince that could save the princess from her terrible fate, great riches and power would come, and by his side he would rule the world with the great beauty that even Queen Mab could not compete with.

               It was ridiculous.

               So his people didn’t particularly like bending knee to the bastard son of their one-time Queen.  Well, Klaus was the one that had killed Mikael, so they would have to get used to it, wouldn’t they?  He shouldn’t have to do this – go on some harebrained quest to find a princess to take to wife.  Because he ruled a kingdom filled with superstitious sots, and Elijah said that if she could just find the princess, bring her back – well, magical fix-all!

               He couldn’t even be sure the damn story was true.

               Yes, Celeste had said it was true, that the Princess of Love and Beauty was real, but considering that she later went on to betray them…

               Well, who could blame Klaus for taking her statements with a grain of salt?

               Still, he’d gotten a location and had promised Elijah he would see if it came to anything.  And Elijah had promised that if this was yet another empty lead, then he would stop pestering Klaus about finding the damn girl, and let him play the role of King as he saw fit.

               His way involved a lot more fear and bloodshed than Elijah’s.

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lorison! (i'm an emison shipper i just want to know what you think)

Who was the one to propose: alison, while lorenzo naps

Who stressed more over wedding planning: alison, while lorenzo naps

Who decorated the house: alison, while lorenzo naps

Who does the cooking: alison, while lorenzo naps

Who is more organized: alison, while lorenzo naps

Who initiates bedroom fun: alison, while lorenzo naps

Who suggested kids first: alison, while lorenzo naps

Who’s more dominant: alison, while lorenzo naps

Who’s the cuddler: alison, while lorenzo naps

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: alison, while lorenzo naps

Who comes home drunk at 3am: alison, while lorenzo naps

Who kills the spiders: alison, while lorenzo naps

Who falls asleep first: alison, while lorenzo naps

A head canon: alison going to see emily, while lorenzo naps

Their relationship summed up in a gif:

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