lorenzo while

In Hiatus until season 2

Imani doesn’t respond.  She focusses on eating for a while. 

Lorenzo: *continues* I regret what I did to my ex-wife and Anitra’s mother every day.  I just hope I didn’t mess up any chance at happiness.  Both of them have moved on and found the love of their lives.  I hope to find that too…if it’s still possible.

Imani:  I believe it’s possible. 

Zo appreciates her for saying that. It makes him smile.

Lorenzo:  Yeah, but I hope it’s possible with you.

It’s Imani’s turn to smile, but she doesn’t respond. They eat in silence for a while. Zo hopes that Imani isn’t turned off by what he’s told her. He’s pretty sure that she’ll want to go home after this, but she surprises him…

Imani:  I hope this isn’t the end of our Windenburg adventure.