first appearance: Aquaman v6 #16 (2004)

who is she? Lorena Marquez was a citizen of San Diego, on a date at the zoo when an earthquake caused the entire city to crumble into the ocean. Her entire family was killed during this disaster, leaving her alone and injured. Aquaman found her and nursed her back to health, realizing in the process that she had developed the ability to breathe underwater. Once she was able, Lorena helped Aquaman find the other survivors of the quake, along with the man responsible for it, a scientist named Geist. Lorena assisted Aquaman in rebuilding what they could of the city as ‘Sub Diego’. 

When Orm, the Ocean Master, switched places with Aquaman, Lorena became Aquagirl. When they switched back Lorena kept the name, creating a costume for herself and going barefoot from then on. Lorena worked with Aquaman to help keep the order in Sub Diego, including stopping an underwater drug operation. Lorena briefly joined the Teen Titans, and later worked with Aquaman and the new Aqualad, Kaldur'ahm.

what can she do? During the sinking of San Diego, Lorena’s DNA was fused with some of Aquaman’s, giving her some Atlantean physiology. After the earthquake Lorena gained enhanced durability, enhanced strength, and the ability to breathe both above and beneath the water. She was taught by Aquaman in basic hand-to-hand combat, and also has a keen detective mind, which helped her impress Aquaman when they were working together as the impromptu Sub Diego police. In the 'Titans Tomorrow’ storyline, an adult Lorena, known as Aquawoman, had the ability to telepathically communicate with marine life, just like Aquaman. She has yet to show this ability as a teenager.

where can i find her? Recommended reading includes:

  • Aquaman v6 #16 on
  • Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #40, 51-57
  • Brightest Day: Aquawar
  • Teen Titans v3 #17-19

Couple of things I’d like for season 3 of YJ.

1. Kaldur’s bisexuality being explicit rather than hidden

2. Kaldur having a boyfriend

3. More latino superheroes

4. In fact, wasn’t the second Aquagirl, Lorena Márquez, a latina?

5. Give us Lorena!

6. And hey, maybe Kaldur can be the one to adopt her rather than Aquaman?

7. Imagine adoptive dad Kaldur raising the second Aquagirl alongside his boyfriend

8. Seriously, do that

9. Please