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i have this HC that jubilee was so happy to see the guys n’ gals that went to cairo when they came back safely that she tackle-hugged them all… and they all appreciated it, but kurt did the most… so every time he comes back home from an x-mission she makes sure to go find him when the x-jet’s landed.

at least until she passes her own eX-am and gets to be an x-man too. then she can just look out for him on the job.

@neon-ryan i don’t personally ship them since pearl is a high school student, but i think it would be so cute if she had a little crush on sandy and was her most dedicated insta-follower / alt. title ‘in which pearl is me’. i hope its ok!!!

do you ever listen to old taylor swift songs, and remember the OTP you had when those songs were popular? that’s what happened to me this evening, i suddenly thought of my new teen titans OTP of jericho (joe wilson) and raven…

anyway, since deathstroke is played by manu bennett in arrow, i thought it would be nice to depict joey as being of māori descent, and of course i love indian raven as i had drawn her in the past…their outfits are from here!


oh, my karen. oh, my karen. oh, my computer wife, karen.
i was blinded, yes, i was blinded,
 was blinded by the light of your cathode ray.

lil bit of spongebob musical style plankton + karen!!! meant to do this for AGES!!! finally managed it. i really really love them.


Fred Jones: Comes from a white middle class family, he’s team captain, the stunt-driver, amateur engineer and star quarterback. Freddie leads the charge in an out of every mystery.

Daphne Blake: Of black-white mixed race, she’s the fashionista, the action girl, the black-belt with a roving reporter’s instinct and a killer manicure. Daphne is danger proof!

Velma Dinkley: Of Caucasian/Japanese descent, she’s the smart one, the science club queen and cosplay geek extraordinaire. Armed with countless smartphone apps, Velma’s quickest to put clues together.

Norville “Shaggy” Rogers: Born to a family of Lebanese immigrants, it’s the track team legend! He can throw his voice and turn cartwheels like nobody’s business! He quotes movies verbatim and makes a mean quadruple-decker-sandwich! Shaggy’s always along for the ride.

Scooby-Doo: He drools, he smells, he sheds his fur everywhere and acts like a living garbage disposal. Scooby-Doo is the ever loyal team mascot and sniffer dog.

hey! you may remember this lot from a draw i did last year! well here’s a brand new version of my modern revamped mystery incorporated design! my ‘drawing style’ has developed a lot over this past year so i wanted to draw my favourite amateur sleuths again. now watch this space, because i plan to re-open my ask blog for business pretty soon!