loren scribbles stuff


oh, my karen. oh, my karen. oh, my computer wife, karen.
i was blinded, yes, i was blinded,
 was blinded by the light of your cathode ray.

lil bit of spongebob musical style plankton + karen!!! meant to do this for AGES!!! finally managed it. i really really love them.


i have this HC that jubilee was so happy to see the guys n’ gals that went to cairo when they came back safely that she tackle-hugged them all… and they all appreciated it, but kurt did the most… so every time he comes back home from an x-mission she makes sure to go find him when the x-jet’s landed.

at least until she passes her own eX-am and gets to be an x-man too. then she can just look out for him on the job.


i was reminded this evening of my disney high school AU because, you know me, i love high school AUs. so here’s mulan, arielle and rose.

mulan is a sporty chick, probably soccer team captain. arielle is a fun party girl and amateur photographer/pen hoarder. rose gets flak for dressing like a nun, and loves birdwatching and daydreams in class.

you know what catching the bouquet means right?? // let’s all get married.

drew the bikini bottom OT3, as per. initially was gonna be more of a ‘date looks’ type thing and an excuse to draw them in different outfits at the sacrifice of the whole ‘recognisable costumes’ thing but while it was in its unfinished coloured state and sandy’s dress was still white i thought….looks kind of like a wedding. so how about more like…they’re at a wedding. krabs and mrs p. or the planktons, renewing their vows. or both.

(sandy themed her outfit to match her boys. then she made sure to give them lipstick kisses so they match her too.)

cara mia!

mon cher!

the beginning of halloween october always brings back the addams family feels, and specifically, the weird childhood OTP of wednesday addams and joel glicker. they burned down a summer camp together. i doodled them a bit last year, but i had to again! wednesday is especially fun to draw.

one summer shaggy met a beautiful girl with a vintage polaroid camera. she had to leave, but he remembers her fondly.

i remember being really torn up about the ending of scooby doo and the alien invaders. it was like…ouch, man! it was supposed to be groovy!

(edorazzi i did it!!!)