loren resurrected

Around 5:00pm Zeke arrived. The two sat next to each other whilst watching an old rom-com. Zeke was flooded with pure excitement and a tremendous amount of nerves. Everything you should be feeling on a first date. However, he was completely ambushed when a silent Loren burst into tears. 

Loren: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! 
Zeke: W-what’s wrong? 
Loren: I just feel so… so guilty. Zeke I’m so sorry. Liam would want me to be happy- but I just feel like Im betraying him. I’m sorry. You deserve a confident girl who can like you without feeling ashamed. Not some 107 year old ghost who got resurrected and is still adjusting to her new life. 
Zeke: Shhh, shhh. Loren, I like you ok? That’s not gonna change. We can take it as slow as you want. I understand how difficult it must be. Let’s just watch the movie. Nothing has to happen tonight. 
Loren: Thank you. Oh- I’m so silly. Thank you, Zeke.

Harry: Math is like… really stupid. Robin what’re you doin!? Shouldn’t you be doing your homework too?
Robin: I’ve done it. I’m just reading up on the supernatural activities that occur in Moonlight Falls. It’s amazing to think some of our family were supernaturals. I just wish I could know more. 
Harry: Uhhh, Robin! The founder of this family is sitting right behind you? 
Robin: Oh yeah! My goodness, now why didn’t I think of that? 
Harry: Because you’re a stupid girl and-
Robin: Shut up you.

Loren could not tear her teary eyes away from the picture all night. The picture had been taken when Loren and Liam had first started dating. It was strange. She had known he was the one she’d spend the rest of her life with. And she did - at least her first life. Loren cherished the many joyous  memories she had of Liam, and the rest of her family. And it wasn’t like she was completely alone - she still had her great great granddaughter and various other decedents. Though it would be truly difficult, Loren was ready to start moving on. To live… again.