I meet my lover
in the dim coolness
of a meadow at dusk.
Dewdrop jewels coalesce,
clinging to blades of grass,
anointing our ankles.

Watchful trees tremble,
stirred by invisible caresses.
Graceful leafy dancers,
swaying to windsong.

She stands on tiptoes,
eager lips seeking mine.
We drink of each other,
tasting love’s wine,
as my fingers gently trace
the contours of her face. 

Winking fireflies hover near,
Tiny stars, each pulsing
with a golden heartbeat.

I feel myself falling, falling,
deeper under her spell.
Drawn into a timeless realm.

John Mark Green // Night Magic

Image credit: http://lorelyne.deviantart.com/art/Soleil-d-Hiver-352398675