Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! :D

Since I wanna draw them in Hogwarts uniform and today is also Valentine’s Day so… Here! 2 in 1! XD

I feel like Elsa should be in Slytherin because she kind of has this fear in her heart and might push her out of control. I agree that gentle and intellectual Elsa should be in Ravenclaw but this way is more sexy don’t you think? ;) Well, just my interpretation. :P

Sneak peek (6)


Here you go, first page of “A Snowflake in Spring” comic. :)

However, I’m sorry that I can’t color all of the 20 pages. It took too much time than I expected… So I think I’ll color only 8 pages (which nearly finish) and black and white for the rest. Sorry about that. :(

Next week is going to be a disaster because I have to go to school and do part-time job for a whole week. :v I might be able to continue on next Sunday… Want to finish them by the 10th though.

Sneak peek (1)

This is something I’ve been currently working on…

Hahahahaha! I’m kidding, just forget that dialogue. :P I’m making a comic and can I blame Cel? No, I should blame all to myself because I couldn’t resist her super-cute Elsanna in her latest chapter of Snowflake in Spring. Oh God… OTL

Now it’s already 10 pages… and continuing… And I’m thinking of making it in color because I wanna see their beautiful eyes staring to each other. Can you imagine that?! >///////<

Dear All,

I’m opening the “ELSANNA” commission. Since I’m going to a vocational school for CG/Animation this October, but I have only 8-year-old, 13" Sony Vaio to work… And yes, all the artworks you’ve seen, I’ve done on this little notebook which I’ve been struggling with its “slower than snail” speed for years… It took me forever to create a piece of work. TTATT

Above all, I want to help my parents by collecting some money to buy my own computer, because they’ve already paid (and will pay) a lot of money for me. I want to help them…

Here’s the process for ordering:

  1. When I get a commission I’ll discuss with you via e-mail.
  2. Show you the sketch.
  3. If you’re ok with it, make the payment via PAYPAL.
  4. I’ll continue the work once I got your payment.
  5. Will send the finished pic to your e-mail in full resolution.

*** Sorry for the confusion of where to send your commission request.

Please send your e-mail address in my Tumblr Ask.

I’ll contact you back. ;)

Thank you all. :)


Sorry guys, I know you’re hoping for some cute Elsanna pics but… I fell for this sexy pose as soon as I got it from my friend… OTL As my friend urged me to do it, so…. I’m dead…
Well, this is awkward… Usually I don’t do drafting but… I’ve just drafted Elsa from BL visual novel!

It’s from “Togainu no Chi” (咎狗の血) a Japanese BL visual novel created by Nitro+CHiRA. The character named Akira. And here’s the pic:

External image

(Sorry that I don’t know the source…)