lorelei and rory

Okay so here’s my theory

Lorelei got pregnant by a rich and immature boy. She left that boy and raised Rory on her own in a different town away from that boy.

She had support from Luke who went to birthday parties and graduations and thought of Rory as his own. He was there for Lorelei and Rory because he truly cared. Even though he was a grumpy grumpy man he had two girls in his heart and did everything for them like bring ice or chase around a living room trying to find a chick.

Rory now got pregnant by a rich, and although grown, immature boy, she will now raise a baby on her own. She will raise her baby in a different town away from that boy also.

Rory has support from Jess. He’s the one who told her to write the book and told her shes still a contender. He wanted the best for Rory. He left when Rory didn’t need him and seemingly he visited her life once she longed for advice through a confusing time, such as her decision to leave Yale and then go back.

So here’s my theory finally.

Just like her mom, Rory will raise the baby as a single mother, but with the support of Jess. Just like his uncle did with Lorelei. Then once the child is grown and doesn’t need her as much, she will find out that this guy who had been there from the start, and had never really left , was the guy she belongs with. Of course there would be ups-and-downs because the Gilmore Girls never have an easy life. But they are very lucky to have two men in their life who support them. As said in the revival, “it’s a full circle of life,” and “like mother, like daughter.”

Literati thoughts

Do I think Jess deserved more? Yes. Do I think he deserved better? Always. But am I in anyway upset over the Jess/Rory scenes in the revival? No. Because it showed that Jess will always be there for her, he is always the one to show her that she is capable of so much more than she gives herself credit for. Aside from Lorelei, the first person Rory shows her book to is Jess because he is the one she wants to share her happiness with. The revival just proved how they will always be in each other’s lives, regardless of whether they are romantically linked or not, they will always be friends. I know some people are disappointed Rory/Jess didn’t get closure but I take that as a positive sign that their story hasn’t ended yet. To quote Milo “Its never over”.

A strong theory

So, while chatting vigorously on the subject of Gilmore girls, my sister and I came to a conclusion with definite weight. So the theory in its plainest sense is : : Rory and Jess open a publishing house together.

Here is all the stuff to back it up

It appears that Rory does a bit of work at the Gazette, we see her filming something, we also see Jess there when it appears to still be the Gazette.

When she sits down with a drink with Jess and says she has no job, it could be because the gazette is closing up shop. 

So, the idea is that The stars hollow gazette building is up for sale, we see it empty or with boxes a few times : Rory and Taylor in a still, Lorelei and Rory organising things in the new trailer. Knowing Taylor he owns the building and will most likely have conditions.

We’ve seen Jess twice in the building, first having a drink and a talk with Rory, he looks very at home in the surroundings. Second, coming out of a side room type thing, he’s holding a jacket (its denim!). So we know that he will be strongly linked to whatever’s going on their. Somehow, he’s coming back to Stars Hollow and its most likely to stay. 

We imagined that due to Jess’ past, Taylor would have qualms about letting him and Rory use the building, lets just say that the chalk outline is bound to be mentioned. So Rory and Jess would be very excited once they got permission from Taylor, right? Thats where the ‘excited Rory squeals and jumps up and down while holding onto Jess’ jacket’ clip comes in. 

This could definitely be them getting the building. Rory’s holding a piece of paper which could be a form and is very excited, they both look really happy.

Feel free to expand or research this theory if you’d like, I really want to see Jess and Rory working together. work with here people!