december 3 drabble

“I am only saying—”

“Nope.” Lizzie holds up her hand. “You cannot start any kind of conversational gambit with ‘I’m just saying.’ It’s so passive-aggressive. It’s basically telling someone, ‘listen to how right I am.’” And with that, she ducks behind another fir tree, identical to every other evergreen on the lot.

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Dancing Lobsters

As you all know this post is my favorite thing on the internet. Last night I joked that I should write a crackfic based on it. But then lorelaisquared encouraged me, and, well, I followed through with it. So, without further ado I present to you, with only a little bit of shame:

Dancing Lobsters

It all started with the Ask Me Anything she’d done on Reddit a few weeks after the diaries had ended. Lizzie had thought it would be a nice way to tie up any loose ends she’d left hanging. A user going by erinwert had asked, “Where was Darcy taking you after Q&A 10?” Lizzie smiled at the memory, but struggled with how to respond. She certainly couldn’t explain exactly what had happened after she’d turned the camera off. Finally, laughing, she responded, “Ask an adult.” Her viewers were smart, they’d figure it out. She should have known better than to think it would end there though.

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Advent Drabble 3 - Hippopotami (requested by lorelaisquared)

“They’re not from this planet, you know,” the Doctor said during their visit to Africa.

“What aren’t?” Rose asked.


“Oh, no? Then how did they get here?”

“I brought them, of course.”

“On the TARDIS?” asked Fortuna. “

Of course on the TARDIS. How else would I have brought them?”

“And where did the hippopotami stay in the TARDIS?” asked Rose, imagining hippos reclining on the library’s sofas, swimming laps in the pool.

“In the console room. They’d’ve mucked up the hallways. They’re perpetually muddy.”

“Can we have hippopotami?” begged the girls.

“Maybe—” said the Doctor.

“No,” said Rose.

So Loreleisquared said I should write a Dizzie fic for her while I was in the car. Here it is.

Written on a phone, unedited, unbetaed, stream of thought style.

He doesn’t tell her, but in the months when she’s finishing her thesis, he watches her videos every day. Fine, multiple times every day. By the time the week of her graduation rolls around he no longer bothers to close the tab holding Future Talk. He watches it brushing his teeth in the morning, and half asleep in the middle of the night lying in bed. He watches it on his phone waiting for his plane to New York to board. When he misses her so much he feels empty he takes solace in her voice. When he fears it might have been a dream, he watches and remembers that Lizzie kissed him, and she looked at him like that, and in a few short weeks she’ll kiss him again. It seems to him that each day passes more slowly than the last. He has a business meeting in LA the day prior to her graduation, so he arrives at the venue just in time to give her a swift kiss on the cheek before they have to take their seats. As she walks across the stage and collects her diploma he feels a warm feeling spread in his chest. She smiles and gives him a little wave on her way back to her seat, and he briefly considers jumping up and kissing her right there. He manages to wait until the ceremony is over though. When he finally gets a chance to really kiss her and hold her, not even Lydia’s cries of “get a room” can faze him. Later that night, after they’ve escaped from the Bennet family dinner celebration and gone to Netherfield. Lizzie asks him if she can use his computer to send a quick email. He agrees without even thinking about it, and is very surprised when he hears his own voice coming from the laptop. Lizzie looks at him confusedly “William, why were you watching this?”
He feels bashful, but answers honestly, “I missed hearing your voice .”
She smiles, and as he kisses her again, he hopes he never needs to watch that video again.

They Will Not Win.

This week has been a long, hard, and scary week for many people. I have been fortunate enough to be relatively shielded from the worst of the tragedies that have occurred. However this week has been frighening to me on an abstract level. It is terrifying to me that there are people in this world who will go to extreme lenghths to generate such destruction and fear. These people want to tear things down, and they seek to make society a poorer, sadder place.

But then I think about fans, and particularly the LBD fans, and I remember that there are so many more people in the world trying to create things that are beautiful and to make communities stronger. From the Lizzie Bennet Diaries themselves, to Maxwell Glick’s Go the Distance Video, to pictures of DVG’s face on a llama, to lorelaisquared’s amazing puppet theatre video, this whole community is dedicated to making things that bring joy, laughter, and happiness to the world.

Two people tried to put more fear and tragedy into the world this week, but collectively we turned around, and, with art, music, and passion, in Google hangouts, on twitter, and on tumblr, we told them no.

And they will not win. Because there are more of us. And I think everything is going to be ok.