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“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.

Baby it’s too cold

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Wanings: Fluff, Meation of Smut, Pregnancy (is that a warning?)

Word Count: 1,013

Autumn is by far your favourite season. Not really because of the weather, but due to the colours. The leaves on the sidewalk and the trees have this vintage look that you love, but for that past few years autumn has disappeared, and you haven’t been happy about it at all. It feels like it’s still summer until November and then all of a sudden it’s winter in the middle of November, so you’ve been grumpy.

You don’t like the feeling that the cold brings to your hands and feet. Sometimes your nails even turn blue.

“Babeeee” you whine.

“Yes love?” Harry comes to the kitchen door to look at you laying in the sofa.

“Need you to come and warm my feet, can’t feel them anymore.” You let out in a cry making hands gestures looking like a child.

Harry lets out a laugh and comes to your encounter. You get up so he can lay down on the sofa, and have you be the little spoon.

Suits is on, but you have kind of lost yourself in the beginning of the episode. You feel like your brain might freeze off.

Harry’s fingers snuggle under your hoodie, and all the hairs in your body go up. His hands are very cold.

“Sorry love, just wanna feel if the baby kicks.” He says kissing your neck.

“That’s okay” you smile resting your hand on top of his.

“You haven’t had morning sickness this week.” He points out.

“I know, maybe it’s gone” you say smiling turning on your back to look at him.

Harry leans in kissing you. The kiss is slow and sweet, and his thumb goes back in fort caressing the skin of your belly. You turn your body completely in the direction of Harry’s and your legs get tangled with his.

“You had me worried for a while” he whispers.

“It is all going to be worth it in the end. As long as the baby is healthy I don’t care what it takes to bring her into to this world” you state looking at your belly.

“But I just feel useless, I did the fun part and now you have to handle all the consequences for nine months.” He pouts.

“Handsome, women have been doing this for centuries I will survive, and don’t you ever say that you’re useless again. You keep me warm at night, and you give me love and lots of kisses, and you painted the baby’s room all by yourself. And you are always there to hold my hand when I’ am not feeling so well.” You hide your face in his neck, leaving a trail of kisses in the sensitive skin.

“Let’s not forget that you also baked me cookies at 3 in the morning last night” you chuckle.

“But still you’re the one that has to feel all the discomfort, I would be a bit of a dick if I wasn’t there to bake you cookies at 3 in the morning, petal.” Harry’s free hand massages your hair, and his lips rest against your forehead.

“You know what you could do to make me feel better?” you say still with your face hidden in his neck.

“I love you but the answer is no” he immediately knows what you’re talking about.

“But Lorelai is such a good name” you squeak.

“We are not naming our baby girl of a character from one of your favourite series, and it’s a ugly name love, she won’t have a Lorelai kind of face”

“How do you know that, she can look like a Lorelai! You can’t tell in the ultrasound. And there are two characters with the name Lorelai.” You protest.

“She will have your lips and smile, and my eyes. And she will have my curls but you hair colour. That does not look like a Lorelai, love.” He whispers trying to make your heart melt.

“You are assuming stuff, she could have your hair colour for all I know.” And as if as sign you feel the baby move.

“I think she likes Lorelai! Don’t you, sweet face?” you say talking to your belly.

Harry looks at you with eyes filled with love, and all of a sudden you forget all about the conversation.

“Still have more 5 months to argue about this. But I do remember that I had a mission coming here didn’t I? Need to warm you up” he says with mere millimetres separating your lips for his.  

His lips brush against yours and your breath comes in quicker. You and Harry had always had this electricity around you, but ever since you got pregnant things have been ridiculous, and sometimes you felt embarrassed with how quick you would get all worked up with simple everyday actions that Harry would do.

His lips feel hot against yours and his body heat engulfs you as he climbs on tops of you, and he pushes you further into the sofa preventing you from falling and hurting yourself.

Harry’s attention travels to your neck, and your fingers are working in pulling strands of his hair and your breathing seems to be the only thing heard in the living room, besides the TV which has been long forgotten.

And as Harry his about to pull your shirt off, a new season takes over your body and your eyes immediately open.

“Harry” you moan, and Harry you feel him smile against your skin, but really your intention was to call out for his attention so…. you try again.

“Harry” you pant this time pushing his shoulders so you can take a look at his face.

“Did I do something wrong, love?” he ask, with a frown between is eyebrows.

“No… I… Can we go to MacDonald’s? The baby wants nuggets… and maybe some chips.” You let out embarrassed.

Harry chuckles.

“Of course we can. But we might need to wait a couple of minutes, someone got a little too excited.” He says looking between his legs. And you both just chuckle. You two have no control.

Luke and Rory show emotion through actions and Lorelai and Jess show emotion through words

And they both use it to push people away - Lorelai uses her quick rapport to deflect her pain and Jess moves the subject to books or music or desperately asks Rory to run away when he feels thwarted.  Rory and Luke don’t readily talk about their uncertainties and show their love more through actions, such as when Luke built the icerink and when Rory went to New York.  When they’re hurt, they clam up.  Rory throws herself into work and Luke leaves town for a few days.  Rory more extremely leaves Yale altogether when she is overwhelmed and it is only Jess, talking to her directly, who can bring her home.

Lorelai and Jess clashed early on, but there are scenes which show their similarity and the possibility of friendship.  In Lost and Found, Lorelai gives Jess Chinese food and they enjoy some smalltalk, which is unfortunately cut short.  In One’s Got Class and the Other Dyes, Lorelai and Jess share a joke at Luke’s expense, showing the kind of banter they could have if they became friends.   Luke and Rory, who are more quiet by nature, often share knowing looks and remarks about Lorelai’s quirks.  On her sixteenth birthday, Luke bakes Rory a cake and blows up balloons and for her twenty-first, he gives her his mother’s pearls.  Rory introduces him as her stepfather-to-be and the smile on Luke’s face is clear.  When Rory and Jess crash Rory’s car, she goes to Luke.  She tells him that it wasn’t Jess’s fault and Luke simply says ‘I know it wasn’t’.  He makes her food and they sit in an understanding silence.  

One of the reasons Rory and Jess and Luke and Lorelai work as couples is that they recognise these things.  While they had problems communicating as teenagers, Jess is able to get through to Rory when they are adults, as he can see what she is trying to do.  While Rory couldn’t solve Jess’s problems as a teenager, she could see that his smart talk and sarcasm was a wall and that he was vulnerable.  Luke and Lorelai always let each other in when they can’t with others, even Rory - season 6 aside - and it’s Luke’s love for Rory which makes Lorelai know she wants to marry him.  While their respective differences can hinder their relationships, for Luke and Lorelai and Rory and Jess, all four of them understand it in each other and continue to learn.


lorelai to richard and emily: rory will do what she wants with her life and choose her own path and you can’t do anything about that

rory: ~gets out of logan’s limo with his Yale friends, drunk and laughing and happy and still wearing a diamond fucking tiara, clearly choosing richard and emily’s desired path for rory~