Emily’s invite to Christopher is the reason that it took so long for Luke and Lorelai to get married.
It is obvious in this episode that both Luke and Lorelai want to get married, and I’m almost certain that had they not had their breakup they would have been engaged an episode or two later, and would have gotten married before April came into the picture.


lorelai gilmore appreciation week: favorite scene
∟lorelai’s graduation ♥  She’s graduating Thursday, and there’s going to be a ceremony and I think it would mean a lot to her if you guys were there. It may not seem like it would, but it’s true. Well, if it would mean so much to her then why didn’t she invite us herself? Because she didn’t think you’d wanna go. And I get that, but I think it’s a mistake. [….] Now, if the thought of going to Mom’s graduation upsets you or makes you unhappy or uncomfortable in any way, then, please, don’t go because this is an important night for Mom and if you go, you should go under the right circumstances.