Weird Cyrodiil.

In honor of the recent rebirth of the Oblivion modding community, I’ve made a list of mods that should return the Cyrodiil in Oblivion to the famous and hellishly vibrant Pocket Guide Of The Empire version of Cyrodiil, in which the province was a jungle. This will obviously be conflicting with ingame lore and is obviously only for hardcore fans. Both a graphics and a thematic modding guide. Lore buffs unite and get ready to loregasm. 


-Cinematic Sunglare or Beaming Sunglare. (Makes the sun look way more vibrant)

-Unique Landscapes (compatible with the tropical mods below and adds more realistic and fantastical regions)

-Lush and Gaudy Tropical Water (shiny, pristine, crystalline water)

-Lush and Gaudy Tropical Frippery (Frigging Tropical Cyrodiil)

-Bettys Tropical Replacers (Times 2) 

-Koldorns LOD Noise (A simple LOD sharpener)

-Open Cities Reborn (Makes the cities open and rearranges them to be more original, picturesuqe and exciting)

-LotStars (Glittering and shiny-ass stars)

-Lush and Gaudy Aurora Borealis (Nuff said. May conflict with weather mods) 

-Fantasy Nebula Replacer (Hubble Space Telescope shit right here)

-ImpeReal Castles (Turns the bland castles into architectural wonders, use with OCR patch)

-The ImpeReal City + Imperial City Reloaded  + Imperial Waters (Complete revamp of the city to make it look more ancient, dignified and closer to the guide description)

-Elsweyr Deserts of Anequina (Nuff said, use with any addons you wish)

-Valenwood Islands (Adds an archipelago of islands south of Valenwood that you can do a bunch of quests on)

-Ayleid Meteoric Iron Weaponry (Adds lore-friendly Ayleid weaponry across Cyrodiil)

-Dragon Captions: Elder Council (Kind of hard to install, but adds a ton of new adventures that is perfect for the lore-buff)

-Integration: The Stranded Light (This mod fucking expands Oblivion with 80+ quests, 2 new guilds, 8 new races, and more that, guess what, are taken straight from the lore of the universe. If you have the time and are a total lore-buff, SWEAR BY THIS MOD)

-Knights of the Nine: Revelation (Lore-intensive add-on to Knights of the Nine)

-Excellent Magic Sounds + Sounds of Cyrodiil + Oblivion Stereo Overhaul + Atmospheric Oblviion + Symphony of Violence + Oblivion Symphonic Variations (New sounds and audio, eargasm)

Say hello to a new, vibrant, exotic-ass, and wonderful Oblivion.


It has relised! My heart was beating so hard wile i was watching this video. So I helped a bit with some drawings and gave high res of my Pantheon so guys can include them in Loregam. So glad I worked with Slacks and his guys, was pleasure to read their feedback and work on their project. So I hope will come back to Slacks and draw some more good stuff <3


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