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Warriors! I’ve got some news for you! 

I am, together with my friend Rania, launching an Instagram-competition! The basic idea is that you put up (our special designed) stickers in fun & weird places, that you then later photograph and post on Instagram. This way we spread Loreen via social medias and out in the streets. As always, a competition means a prize so of course there is a Loreen related prize that could end up being yours!

To participate in the competition you have to:
- Put up a sticker in the most creative, funniest, weirdest, quirkiest place you can find. Be creative and original!
- Take a photo of the sticker and Instagram it with the Hashtag #LoreenWarriors
- Don’t forget to either write a description of or geotag the location of the sticker.

A confirmation of your participation will be a “like” from the account @LoreenxTalhaoui. The competition will go on from April 17th to May 17th and the picture with the most amount of creativity will be named the winner! 

If you’re interested in participating, send an e-mail with your name and address to loreenwarriors@gmail.com and we will send you 10 stickers to put up in 10 different locations!

Hope you want to join us!
Good luck & may the odds be ever in your favour, 

Ajda & Rania

P.S If you by any chance aren’t able to participate via Instagram, you’re more than welcome to send your photos on our FB Page: Loreen Warriors


  • We’re not in any way affiliated with Loreen, Mr Radar Music Group or Warner Music.
  • Your participation in this competition is at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any kind of legal violations.
  • Remember that this is supposed to be for fun! We don’t want life threatening situations or any kind of accidents to occur, you can be creative without taking any risks! We don’t take responsibility for any kind of accidents.