if you ever fall, i’d lift you up
if you lose your way, i’ll pick you up
and i’m in it with you
and i’m in it with you

The first lyrics of recent Eurovision winners

Sweden 2012: Why? Why can’t this moment last forevermore?

Denmark 2013: The sky is red tonight.

Austria 2014: Waking in the rubble

Sweden 2015: Don’t tell the gods I left a mess.

Ukraine 2016: The strangers are coming.

Portugal 2017: Se um dia alguém perguntar por mim (If one day someone asks about me)

Israel 2018: Rrrrrr. Ouch. Hey. Hmph. Laaa.


Azerbaijan 2011: Oh oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh


My Dutch brain, 2019: IT HAS BEEN 44 YEARS *emotional singing* A bRoKeN hEaRt Is AlL tHaTs LeFt

a nordic country has won eurovision every third year starting with 2000 except for 2003. 

denmark (2000), finland (2006), norway (2009), sweden (2012 and 2015)

what could this mean for 2018?


It took a blade, it went in deep

And it was tearing up inside you

Must’ve been sharper underneath

Cause there were scars I couldn’t undo

What were you thinking?

Why did you let go?

I was still hunting you

What were you thinking

Why didn’t I know when I was right there with you?

If you ever fall, I’d lift you up

If you lose your way, I’ll pick you up

And I’m in it with you

And I’m in it with you…


You hit me once, I hit you back (part V)

Wonder Woman’s wrath - Wonder Woman OST

Gold plated - Carah Faye

Fire - Pvris

Shoot me down - Foxes

River - Bishop Briggs

Woman - Kesha feat. The Dap-Kings Horns

The Queen - Velvet

Statements - Loreen

Painted - MS MR

Control - Halsey