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I’m okay with Loreen not making the final.

Not because I thought her song was bad or anything.

It seems that she wanted to return to Melodifestivalen on her own terms. And all she wanted was to get a message across, and have the chance to perform it more than once.

She got her wish, and I think she’s okay with not being in the final, apart from maybe not reaching a wider audience with her song.

Besides… Sweden was never going to vote for “Statements” if it made the final. It’s too… different. Too not pop. Too not “Euphoria.” Too message-y. And maybe they’re right. Maybe this wasn’t gonna light up the televoting in Kyiv. Who knows.

But… that wasn’t the point. At least, it doesn’t feel like that was ever the point.

So… I’m okay with Loreen not making the final. Because it seems that, by all accounts, she succeeded in what she set out to do in the first place.

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2012 || 2016: Eurovision Song Contest Winners in five years

2012: Sweden → Loreen (Euphoria)
2013: Denmark → Emmelie De Forest (Only Teardrops)
2014: Austria → Conchita Wurst (Rise Like A Phoenix)
2015: Sweden → Måns Zelmerlöw (Heroes)
2016: Ukraine → Jamala (1944)

The signs as eliminated national final songs (2017 season)

Aries: A million years by Mariette (Sweden)
Taurus: Hosszú idők by TOTOVA (Hungary)
Gemini: Your breath by Santa Danelevica (Latvia)
Cancer: I love you by Tayanna (Ukraine)
Leo: Statements by Loreen (Sweden)
Virgo: Contico by Mirela (Spain)
Libra: Circle of light by Emma (Finland)
Scorpio: As I lay me down by Wiktoria (Sweden)
Sagittarius: Spirit animal by Kerli (Estonia)
Capricorn: Deák by Spoon 21 (Hungary)
Aquarius: Freedom hearts by Olivia Garcia (United Kingdom)
Pisces: En värld full av strider by Jon Henrik & Aninia (Sweden)