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2008 || 2017: Eurovision Song Contest Winners in ten years

2008: Russia → Dima Bilan (Believe)
2009: Norway → Alexander Rybak (Fairytale)
2010: Germany → Lena (Satellite)
2011: Azerbaijan → Ell & Nikki (Running Scared)
2012: Sweden → Loreen (Euphoria)
2013: Denmark → Emmelie De Forest (Only Teardrops)
2014: Austria → Conchita Wurst (Rise Like A Phoenix)
2015: Sweden → Måns Zelmerlöw (Heroes)
2016: Ukraine → Jamala (1944)
2017: Portugal → Salvador Sobral (Amar Pelos Dois)


Why can’t this moment last forever more
Tonight eternity’s an open door
Don’t ever stop doing the things you do
Don’t go
In every breath I take I’m breathing you

Forever, ‘til the end of time
From now on, only you and I
We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up
An everlasting piece of art
A beating love within my heart
We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up

We are here
We’re all alone in our universe
We are free
Where everything’s allowed and love comes first
Forever and ever together
We sail into infinity
We’re higher and higher and higher
We’re reaching for divinity

Forever, 'til the end of time
From now on, only you and I
We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up
An everlasting piece of art
A beating love within my heart
We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up

We sail into infinity
We’re higher
We’re reaching for divinity

We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up
An everlasting piece of art
A beating love within my heart
We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up
We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up

The "wow" effect of the Eurovision winners in the last five years

In 2012, Euphoria won. And I think that during the song, the time stopped during three minutes. Loreen CARRIED the mood of the song with her. It had something magical. And it was only her and the stage, and she brought the song to life. And it’s still popular and still heard in clubs. It had the dance factor, but without limiting the type of dance that could go with it. It truly carried something special.

In 2013, we had Only Teardrops. It had something eternal, something of an evergreen in it. It was musically interesting and had something of a fairytale… on a dancy, rapid rhythm, that chases away the boredom and creates a whole new beautiful world. I still hear it in shops and in the street!

The 2014 Conchita victory was fireworks. It seemed like one extremely important victory, on one hand due to the performer, and on the other, due to the song itself, which is amazingly crafted, both musically and lyrically. It’s soft yet powerful and Conchita was able to dose her voice to make it stronger. The music itself encompasses classical elements but has a James Bondesque finish… it wasn’t a radio song, but it was a SONG, and a good one. It was definitely a WOW song, and I remember the feeling of awe when listening to it for the first time. It had something deep and just magnificent.

And then Heroes in 2015. It was one of my favourite Eurovision songs, personally. Because it presented itself as a David guettaesque song, good for the dance floor, but hid something very rich beneath. The visuals most definitely aided the wow factor… but it wasn’t overdone! It didn’t sound artificial or made just for the sake of the wow effect! If flowed with the song naturally, and yet influenced the stagings of the years to come. It was beautiful. And the song itself was amazing. On a deceptively simple idea of a pop-song, you have a beautiful, yet natural and non-preachy message of hope. It doesn’t wallow into something heard so often that it lost its impact; it sounds honest and true. And empowering still. And the song has something that I actually can’t put my finger on, which makes it sound every time like it was the first, and which immediately has that strange effect on your belly, like a mix of hearing it for the first time, or as if it was there since the dawn of time. And I still hear it everywhere. And every time, I can feel myself flying when I hear it. As if everything was okay and as if I was the master of my story.

The last year’s winner had something incredible too. On top of having an extremely musically interesting song, with blends of a strong and even rapid rnb rhythm on a slow classical and traditional main melody, it had a creepy, dark atmosphere that Jamala rendered with her voice. It was not only a song - and it wasn’t a radio song for sure - but it was more than that. It was a full performance, and a complete performance. It was captivating when you were looking at it, because Jamala has the energy to tell her story… and the darkness of it is counterbalanced by the strength Jamala holds as a performer.

All deserved victories. All amazing victories. All wow victories. And all honest. And true. And beautiful.

uh so wtf is eurovision

 i’ve heard that A LOT the past few years from americans and now i decided to put together a eurovision 101 masterlist that will pretty much explain what it is

(warning: a lot of these videos have flashing lights and strobe effects so please don’t watch these if they will trigger you)

(also all of these are from the past decade or so because these are the ones i personally remember the best and they’re arranged by year and winners are bolded)

lordi - hard rock hallelujah (finland 2006)

verka serduchka - dancing lasha tumbai (ukraine 2007)

dustin the turkey - irlande douze points (ireland 2008)

alexander rybak - fairytale (norway 2009)

sunstroke project & olia tira - run away (moldova 2010) (epic sax guy)

jedward - lipstick (ireland 2011)

zdob si zdub - so lucky (moldova 2011) (mainly bc of the hats)

loreen - euphoria (sweden 2012)

buranovskiye babushki - party for everybody (russia 2012)

cezar - it’s my life (romania 2013)

conchita wurst - rise like a phoenix (austria 2014)

pollapönk - no prejudice (iceland 2014)

donatan & cleo - my słowianie/we are slavic (poland 2014)

love love peace peace (not an entry, it was an interval act in stockholm 2016)

if there are any others you can think of, feel free to add to the list these are just the ones i could remember off the top of my head !

also most of these were the typical “joke” songs and a lot of these weren’t even close to winning but these are the ones that explain eurovision the best because they’re the most memorable


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOyPRtE8PSI)

All the winners in Eurovision Song Contest 2000-2016

2000 - Denmark, The Olsen Brothers - “Fly on the Wings of Love”
2001 - Estonia, Tanel Padar & Dave Benton - “Everybody”
2002 - Latvia, Marie N - “I wanna”
2003 - Turkey, Sertab Erener - “Everyway That I Can”
2004 - Ukraine, Ruslana - “Wild Dances”
2005 - Greece, Helena Paparizou - “My Number One”
2006 - Finland, Lordi - “Hard Rock Hallelujah”
2007 - Servia, Marija Serifovic - “Molitva”
2008 - Russia, Diam Bilan - “Believe”
2009 - Norway, Alexander Rybak - “Fairytale”
2010 - Germany, Lena - “Satellite”
2011 - Azerbaijan, Ell & Nikki - “Running Scared”
2012 - Sweden, Loreen - “Euphoria”
2013 - Denmark, Emmelie de Forest - “Only Teardrops”
2014 - Austria, Conchita Wurst - “Rise Like A Phoenix”
2015 - Sweden, Måns Zelmerlöw - “Heroes”
2016 - Ukraine, Jamala - “1944”